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YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PRESENTATION HERE: 'Persian calligraphy has been one of the most revered arts throughout Persian history. It is considered to be one of the most eye catching and fascinating manifestations of Persian culture'. Wikipedia


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Nasrollah Afjei

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Nasrollah Afjei is a visual artist who was born in 1933 in Tehran First Degree License from Iranian Calligraphists’ Association Teaching in Tehran Schools and Universities from 1997- 2004‎   Afjei has more than 30 years artistic activities, by focusing on calligraphy. He has learnt ‎different techniques and experienced variety of materials, and received Art Diploma. ‎Later, due to his expertise and innovative works, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic ‎Guidance offered him the First Degree Art Certificate.‎ International Solo Exhibition:‎  Courtyard Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE, 2002‎ Abdollah Nazemi Art Gallery, USA, 2001‎ Pacific Art Gallery, Santamanica, USA, 2003 Galerie Nicolas Flamel, Paris , 2011‎ Artworks Archive:‎  Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (more than 10 works)‎ National Museum of Holy Quran (5 work), Tehran Imam Ali Museum, Tehran Sanati Museum of Contemporary Art, Kerman, Iran Astan Ghods Razavi Museum, Tehran Sadabad Palace, Tehran Holy Masoume Grave, Ghom, Iran ‎ Baharestan Parliament, Tehran‎ Many more private collections from all over the world ‎

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Hair calligraphy

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Ashoora, Mohtasham Kashani's Poem

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Flower vase of Love Bronze

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Lovers Bronze

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Sound of Love's Word

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Blue masgh calligraphy exercise

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Wave Painted in 2008 sold 19 April 2011 Dubai Price Realized $218,500

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Black Homework, ink on canvas Sold for £62,400

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Separation 2008

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Hafez Poem

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Untitled, ink on canvas, 119 x 119cm Sold for US$ 18,240)

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Untitled, Price Realized $80,500 29 April 2009

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Baghareh Surah

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Untitled, Price Realized $80,500 29 April 2009

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The Quatrains of Omer Khayyam sold at Sotheby's London in 2010 for $173265.

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Afjei has classically learnt calligraphy and professionally works on Nastalique, Shekasteh-Nastalique and Solthe. His calligraphy-paintings are so personal and variable and the imaginary view of his works are dominant toward the calligraphic forms. In other words, he uses the letters as some tools to paint and the geometry of the words are shaping his various compositions. His new view is an imaginative one and sometimes exaggerated but they are always enthusiastic and meanwhile he is perfect at calligraphy his calligraphy-paintings are quite varied. As he has gained experience on calligraphy-painting on different sizes for many years, now he has created some new ones which some part of them are seen before but with this difference that his new works are much more imaginative and are done very easily. This collection that is called “Siah Mashque” are created with the repetition of letters and this letters are more flexible as they are affected by the compositions. Actually we can say that Afjei uses the letters depending on his personal opinions and we can’t see no other same works elsewhere. Ali Jamshidi

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Sound: Music of Iran, Karaj, Iran - Bedah-E Navzai Santur Text and pictures: Internet Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Arangement: Sanda Foişoreanu

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Woman playing the tar,1669 Woman playing the santur in a painting from the Hasht-Behesht Palace in Isfahan Iran, 1669. Hasht-Behesht Palace Isfahan

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