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MICHAEL ANGELO E. MALICSI Assistant to the Director for Alumni Affairs & Job Placement Public and Alumni Affairs Office University of Santo Tomas Unwrapping the Gift of Gab: TIPS ON ACING THE JOB INTERVIEW (Career Seminar Series for Graduating Students)

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Watson Wyatt: Willingness to share information and ideas Commitment to teamwork Responsiveness to change Ability to work under pressure Sense of ownership of work and ideas Willingness to take calculated risks, without fear of consequences Ability to communicate clearly and honestly with peers, managers, and clients or customers

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Watson Wyatt: Understanding of values Commitment to continuous learning and skill development.

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The Cover Letter The Curriculum Vitae The Interview The Acceptance WHEW! & YAHOO!

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THE COVER LETTER a. Know where and whom to address your letter. b. Mention your abilities and how you can fulfill the expectations of your job. c. Explain how you can become an asset to the company. d. Grammar and spelling are flawless

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THE COVER LETTER Mrs. Zenaida G. Roda Principal UST High School Dear Mrs. Roda: I, Michael Angelo E. Malicsi, a fresh graduate from the UST College of Education with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in English, would like to respond to your invitation to teach in your school. Having been trained as a Thomasian educator, I have been exposed to pedagogical constructs and concepts that equip me to render effective instruction and learning. Moreover, with the values I have developed as an educator, I would like to take part in the continuous formation of students as functional and productive members of the society armed with Filipino, Christian, and Thomasian ideals. It is likewise, with great pride and honor, if given the chance, to give back to my alma mater what she has imparted and imbibed in me as an educator. Through my humble way of teaching, it is my desire to serve the University of Santo Tomas. Should my qualifications merit your attention, I am more than willing to conduct a teaching demonstration and undergo the processes involved in your application procedure. Attached are my comprehensive resume and transcript of records. I am earnestly hoping for your favorable response on this matter. Thank you for your time. Respectfully yours, Michael Angelo E. Malicsi

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE Remember, your CV should: Whet the appetite

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE Remember, your CV should: Stimulate interest in meeting you

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE Remember, your CV should: Inspire the employer

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE The Form Simple clear structure Easy to read Symmetrical. Balanced. Uncrowded. Uniformity and consistency in the use of italics, CAPITAL LETTERS, bullets, boldface, underlining.

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE The Form Use A4 or 8” x 12” size bond paper. (Never use a scented, floral, specially-designed paper.)

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE The Form Use a readable and formal font type (Arial, Times New Roman, or Garamond). Never use fancy fonts. Font size should be 12. Produce your curriculum vitae in a good printer. Dot matrix is already out of mode. Never photocopy your curriculum vitae. Produce “fresh off the grill” copies. Attach your “greatest picture” ever in your curriculum vitae. 2” x 2” size may do well enough.

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE The Content Personal information especially your CONTACT details. Highlight on your education (emphasize on your tertiary education though you may also indicate something about your basic education). Showcase your achievements, activities, positions, awards and honors, or special citations during COLLEGE.

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THE CURRICULUM VITAE The Content List down all the seminars or trainings you have attended. Should you have a prior experience in being a working student, write it down. Include your SKILLS in your curriculum vitae. List down all your character references with their designations and institutions they are affiliated with. In case the prospective employer asks for your TofR, be ready to provide it.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The Image-POWER DRESSING Attract, don’t distract.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The Image-POWER DRESSING Warrior-ize your wardrobe

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The Image-POWER DRESSING Put your best foot forward.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The Image-POWER DRESSING Have perfect timing

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The Image-POWER DRESSING Breathe powerfully.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW What do GUYS wear? Long sleeves with tie. Polo barong may also do. Gabardine or wool pair of pants (slacks). Leather belt with a small buckle.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW What do GALS wear? Three-fourths blouse with a matching blazer, skirt or pants Closed toe shoes Light make-up A few accessories but never dangling earrings or excessive shimmering, shiny jewelry

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Other Tips: Bags and briefcases-If you have no reason to carry a briefcase, don’t. Keep your bag small and simple. Choose one that matches or coordinates well with your shoes and the rest of the attire. Grooming-Keep your fingernails clean and trimmed, your hair well groomed. Perfume-Use light, floral or fresh scents.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW On the whole: IT COMES GOOD WITH THE RIGHT PACKAGE! If you have it, flaunt it!

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The MOMENT-Interview Tips: Impress and express. A handshake should be done only when the interviewer offers his/hers. Sit only when the interviewer asks you to. Once you do so, don’t occupy the entirety of the chair. Sit up straight. Address the interviewer as Ma’am or Sir. Communicate in ENGLISH! (However, the medium of the interviewer will determine how you should respond. English-?English; Filipino-?Filipino; NEVER TAGLISH!).

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The MOMENT-Interview Tips: Avoid GAP FILLERS such as “Uhm…You know…Something kinda like that…” Avoid stuttering and stammering. Maintain eye contact. Respond to questions in a crystal clear voice. Be direct to the point. Be concise. Apply the necessary the body language and emotional expression (but never DRAMATIC). If you engage yourselves in a fun moment during the interview, laugh elegantly, not like a HYENA.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW The MOMENT-Interview Tips: Don’t let intimidation engulf you. THE BIG “English” -Be conscious of your pronunciation (but not too much). -Don’t succumb to the “Ps and Fs” and other speech lapses. -Observe proper intonation and pauses in our discourse. -NO slang words. -Let the thoughts flow. -Think in English!

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Concrete Measures: Plan ahead-?Do a little homework. Research the company and position if possible, as well as the people you will meet with during the interview. Role play-?Once you have finished studying, begin role playing. Be positive. Adapt-?Be sensitive to the style of the interviewer. Relate-?Try to relate your answers to the interviewer and his or her company.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: How did you know about the vacancy? A: Give a truthful answer. Be honest. Cite the real reasons how you learned about the vacancy. You may tell the interviewer that you participated in your university’s job fair, browsed the internet, or spotted their job posting in the newspaper. Q: What do you know about our company? A: Your prior research and exploration about their company may now come into play.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: Tell me about yourself. A: Give a brief personal background that emphasizes on you (not your family or friends). Highlight your strengths and qualities. You may also expound on why you chose the course you finished in college. Q: What are your weaknesses? A: Answer this question truthfully but not in a manner that would taint your person.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: Describe yourself in one word. A: Leader Problem-solver Competent Risk-taker Adaptive Team player

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: Why should we hire you? A: I believe that this company deserves to have an inclusion in its competent workforce. My competence, skills, and abilities would be a good addenda to the roster of your workforce. I believe that my positive outlook towards work, coupled with my drive to deliver what is expected of me would also be reasons why you should hire me.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: How do you handle pressure and stress? A: Pressure and stress are staple realities in every organization. Should I find myself in that phase already, I just maintain my focus and ear myself towards the completion of the task. If I feel that I need assistance or help from my peers and colleagues, I would gladly ask them. This way, I am being more realistic not pretentious that I can always make miracles.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: How do you plan for the future of your career path? A: I have always believed that learning is a continuous process. Within the context of my being a fresh graduate, I plan to do well in my prospective job. Once I have adjusted and adapted to the needs and demands of the company, I would engage myself in post-graduate studies. I believe the pursuit of further studies is a proximate end.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: How do you see yourself in the next five years in this company? A: Give your vision and be truthful about it. If you envision yourself to be in a supervisory level or middle management by then, say it. Q: You are fresh graduate. How can you make a difference? A: I believe in an adage that says, “You are not a wave, you are part of the ocean”. I am more than willing to learn the trades. I may still not have a vast experience on professional work but I believe that my training, optimism, and drive would lay the groundwork for me in this company. We all find our places under the sun.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: Q: How much do you think should we pay you? A: Again, your prior research on the company will come into play. You may give exact figures, depending on what you have researched about the salary rate of the entry level employees of the company. Or you may say: “Whatever would commensurate to the skills and services I will render in this company.”

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Interview Preparation Area: After the MOMENT: Offer a handshake. Thank your interviewer. Smile and be confident! Walk out the room gracefully.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Miscellany: When you’re nervous: Take a deep breath. Relax and tell yourself, “This is it!” Hum or sing a song that comforts you, better yet, the UST Hymn. Maintain your composure. Avoid agitating. Trust in divine providence.

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THE JOB INTERVIEW Miscellany: BEFORE the interview: If you have time, conduct an ocular inspection of the location of the company a day before the interview. Sleep tight the night before. Grab a POWER breakfast. Be in the place at least an hour or thirty minutes before the interview.

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RAISING THE BAR Proud to be a Thomasian! I am a Thomasian. I am heir to four centuries of scholastic excellence, vanguard learning, and visionary leadership, animated by the spirit of St. Dominic and fired by the ideal of St. Thomas Aquinas to marry faith and reason. As a child of a glorious institution, founded and guided by Dominican friars, I have been reared in the tenets of Christian humanism, which makes me see others and myself as bearers of God’s image, and which moves me to strive to work for a world that manifests the magnificence and magnanimity of God.

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