How to Make Cosplay Shoe Covers


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How to Make Cosplay Shoe Covers :

How to Make Cosplay Shoe Covers I’ll teach you step by step!

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Here is the original style of it :

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Step 1. Cover the shoes by paper with soft texture.

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Step 2. Draw the shape of the shoes on the paper. Pay attention to the structure of the shoes and decide how many pieces you will cut later.

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Tips: The back also needs drawing. So does the sole.

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Step 3. Cut the paper.

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Step 4. sew the sole. For a better durability, sew the fabric twice please. Here is the back of the sole.

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Magnify the back of sole.

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Here is the front side of the sole, which is next to the floor.

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Step 4. Draw the pattern on the fabric and cut it off. Pay attention to this: the edge of the fabric should be wider than the pattern. In this case, it can wrap the shoes inside.

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Step 5. Adhere the fabric with the sole by scotch tape. Needlework to sew them together will be done later. Thus, just make a temperate modeling here.

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Step 6. Tuck up the spare fabric inwards the shoes. Here, hide the shoe lace around the heel, under the fabric.

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A rough seaming pattern is shown here.

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Step 6. Sew the bottom and upper parts together.

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The spare fabric is folded inwards the shoes. NEXT

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Step 7. Make the shoe lace.

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Step 8. Sew the lace onto the shoes. And it’s done!

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