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Frida kahlo:

Analysis of portrait By mia cothran Frida kahlo “I paint self- portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best ” Frida Kahlo

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Basic Biographical information Birth name Magdalena Carmen Frieda Born J uly 6,1907 Died J uly 13 th 1954 (aged 47) Training self taught Movement surrealism Nationality Mexican Main self portraits are displayed at the following: 1. Museum of Modern Art 2. Phoenix Art Museum 3. Contemporary Art museum 4. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 5. Albright-Knox Art Gallery

her portraits:

her portraits Part 2

Her style:

Frida’s art style is surrealism She portrays that style in her portraits Her style

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Analysis of surrealistic portraits In my opinion In this portrait I think that F rida tried to set the background of her portrait as somewhere where she feels most inspired and in a place that she is fully immersed in , a place that is comfortable to her. Frida I think incorporated exotic animals into her Self portraits because they often roamed the streets where Frida grew up. In her loneliness and desire for children I think that F rida turned to animals as comfort and felt that they played a significant role in her portraits because they portrayed F rida as she percieves her self ,not how others may portray her.

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Portrait analysis #2 Fridas ex-husband Diego was often in Freda’s thoughts thus the reason I think that he is so close to her thoughts . Frida in my opinion felt influenced by Diego’s intellect and often tried to incorporate him in her portrays as much as possible. Frida’s hair which is elegantly pinned up suggests that she is depressed without Diego by her side. Also the tears in the portrait suggest that she is lonely and quoted that ‘ I am lost without Diego’

Timeline of significant events :

Timeline of significant events 19 TH CENTURY- development in art styles[ modern art develops] Creation of art movements 1910- Mexican revolution The M exican revolution greatly influenced Frida’s self portraits and many of her paintings Art styles become established: Surrealism Pointillism Symbolism Realism and many more This is a surrealistic piece produced by an anonymous artist

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Gro wing up The Mexican Revolution began during 1910, when Kahlo was three years old. Kahlo later claimed that she was born in 1910, allegedly so that people would associate her with the revolution. In her writings, she recalled that her mother would usher her and her sisters inside the house as gunfire echoed in the streets of her hometown I think that the environment in which she lived in did in many ways influence her as an artist. An example of a portrait that in my eyes resembles her pain and suffering would be: 1. ‘The broken colomn ’ resembles Frida’s pain and suffering after her horrific accident.

Elements and principles:

Elements and principles Elements that I think were incorporated: Texture : Frida added a textural elements to her portrait and added a more realistic vibe to the omposition Color : color played a big role in the portrait and adds more of a coherent vibe. There are no tertiary colors, there are however one primary colors. Value : value is either dark or light and helps contribute to the piece. The importance of elements: Elements of art are important in art work because it helps you get a better understanding of the artist and their style.

Principles :

Principles When looking at the piece I detected movement from the monkeys hanging off of her , I also thought that Frida achieved a balanced feel with the piece because of the vibrancies of colors and little movement adds a realistic feel. I also think that the portrait shows variety because they are different shapes and forms. Overall I think that the piece is harmonic and well composed. Details of portrait: Oil on canvas mixed media

Frida in her own words:

Frida in her own words Next slide


SAYINGS & QUOTES QUOTE “People in general are scared to death of the war and all the exhibition have been a failure, because the rich - don't want to buy anything . ” Frida Kahlo Thoughts : I think that this quote resembles the fear of war that many faced because of the M exican revolution and this quote I think is an accurate representation of Frida’s depressed self portraits.

My opinion :

My opinion When looking at Frida’s portraits it’s important to visualize what it is that she was trying to achieve ……was there a message , was she trying to portray her emotions? Or is It simply ho she wanted to thought of? I enjoy Frida’s poraits because it shows her as an artist and what she sees herself as. I think that is very important in an artist and often hard to find. Many artists get lost in portraits of how they want to be seen not as they are and I think that Frida is an inspirational H ispanic artist.

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CONCLUSION WHILE doing my research I learnt that Frida’s childhood” was no walk in the park”. She grew up whilst the M exican revolution was occuring and I think that she used that concept and portrayed it though her surrealistic artwork. I learnt that elements & principles rare important when creating a coherant piece and I look forward to hearing and learning about her more artwork in the future.

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Bibliography : HDRSC2 essay.html Frida_Kahlo html 9359496 APMCS1

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