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Technology :

Technology Marketing evaluation By : Mia Cothran

PowerPoint Presentation:

My sales & Analysis My graph shows that it is evident that there are some flavors that are more popular than others. My graph also shows that my apparent sales Go up and down depending on the day of the week.

My solution for an increase in business:

My solution for an increase in business 1) It is evident that in the current Baan market , there is an appeal to the sweeter ice-cream flavors. We all know that you can get less sweet ice-cream flavors such as a sorbet. Whilst working in the current market it is apparent that there needs to be a increase in the “sweeter” ice-cream flavors such as caramel toffee , banana split etc. which can be provided by multiple ice-cream purveyors 2) I have worked in an ice-cream business before and it has shown me the importance of supply and demand and I think that coming up with new and sweeter ice-cream flavors which appeal to the current “ Bajan ” market. This proposal in my eyes will increase business amongst locals. 3) I also think that new unique combinations of Caribbean flavors will appeal to the tourists who like to sample something new and interesting about the “ Bajan ” culture .

My store name & logos:

My store name & logos M imi’s ice-cream Reason: I choose this name because its my nickname and it sound catchy which is important! MIMIS ICE - CREAM MIMI’S ICE-CREAM

Business card!:

Business card! Mimi’s ice-cream store Email : Owner : Mia Cothran Tel:765-9868 Address: 87 Burberry AVE Barbados SLOGAN: “Any ice-cream just for you!” Mimi’s ice-cream store Email : Owner : Mia Cothran Tel:765-9868 Address: 87 Burberry AVE Barbados SLOGAN: “Any ice-cream just for you!”

Ice cream survey :

Ice cream survey I decided to do a survey to prove my point that bajans like sweeter ice-creams. My graph shows that caramel toffee ; one if the sweeter ice-cream flavours is most popular amongst “ bajans ”

New flavors! Sorbet & ice-cream:

New flavors! Sorbet & ice-cream -Rum & punch ice-cream -Sorrel sorbet -guava sorbet Etc….

Ice-cream chains:

Ice-cream chains Ben & jerry’s - Dippin dots Dairy queen - Baskin R obbins Hagen dazs Cold stone Blue bunny

Summary :

Summary Overall I think that new flavors and ideas will not only appeal to the “ Bajan ” market but will also appeal to the international market and contribute financially to the one of Barbados’s main selling point , tourism . With this idea of combining ice-cream flavors it will provide a feel of the B arbadian cultural experience tourists are dying for !

Thank you! :

Thank you! 

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