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Tattoos And Body Piercings

before deciding to get a tattoo…:

before deciding to get a tattoo… Know that tattoo inks aren’t approved or regulated by the FDA Complications are relatively uncommon, but skin infections or reactions can occur Tattoos last a lifetime and though laser removal is available it is very costly and may leave slight scarring Consider location- if you get a tattoo in a highly visible area it may influence future career opportunities

Picking A Tattoo Shop:

Picking A Tattoo Shop Check the appearance of the shop, if it smells, looks unclean, or has poor lighting find another place. It should be Certified from a State or Local Board of Health. Absolutely No food, drinks, or animals laying around. no one should be smoking in the shop. See if the studio has proper disposal containers for needles.

Picking an Artist:

Picking an Artist Sit in the shop and watch the artist work if possible They should be hygienic and presentable Make sure your artist fully understands what you want If you are getting a custom tattoo make sure that the artist’s design matches your desire, if not don’t be afraid to go elsewhere Ask to see the artist’s portfolio. Scrutinize the pictures, make sure the lines are smooth, colors blend well, and shapes look proportionate! They should be courteous and friendly Shop around… visit other locations

Watch for…:

Watch for… The artist removes a sterile needle and tubes from a sealed package for your use The artist is using new pigments, trays, and containers for your tattoo The artists washes their hands and uses a new pair of latex gloves for your procedure

Tattoo Aftercare:

Tattoo Aftercare Usually takes 1 – 2 weeks to heal completely Scabs Can Form DO NOT PICK or Scratch Them! After care Product should be used after 24 hours At least 3 – 5 times daily Keep Clean & Dry Use Mild body soap After 5 days use a moisturizing lotion without fragrance

Do’s and Don’ts :

Do’s and Don’ts Don’t haggle over the price of a tattoo… if you do not want to pay the proposed price, don’t get the tattoo Do Go to a licensed tattoo studio Do think through what you are getting Don’t get a tattoo on a whim Do consider what kind of image you are portraying about yourself when you pick a tattoo Don’t get a tattoo in a highly visible area if it may affect your professional career

Piercing: What You Should Know:

Piercing: What You Should Know Many people are allergic to nickel, lots of inexpensive jewelry contains this metal and causes reactions. NEVER let someone pierce you with a piercing gun- they cannot be cleaned in an autoclave, the special earring backs make it difficult to keep clean, the gun crushes skin, and often times piercing gun operators receive little training


Keepin’ It Clean Clean area with saline solution 2 – 3 times a day Wash hands before touching pierced area Soap should be used no more than 1 -2 times daily Rinse soap away thoroughly Do not play with new piercings The outside may appear healed but tissue is still fragile on the inside Dry using disposable paper product


Avoid: Trauma from friction, excessive motion, and vigorous cleaning Over cleaning- This can delay healing and cause irritation Submerging piercings in water such as lakes, pools, Jacuzzis, or tubs If you do get in water, use a waterproof bandage Using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, betadine, hibiclens, or ointments Hanging charms or objects from your jewelry until piercing is fully healed


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