Top Five Need to Knows

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Top Five Need to Knows:

Top Five Need to Knows November 13th Class By: Megan Huber

Treasure of the Sierra Madre:

Treasure of the Sierra Madre Physical representation of themes discussed in class Important historical source Semiotics: “the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation

Various Metaphors:

Various Metaphors The “rich” guy: dressed in white, taller than others, relationship of power Natural state of human vs. human in industry Relations to economic and political

Purposive Discourse:

Purposive Discourse Still seen throughout the movie (and this course) Director responds in meaningful way to what purposive discourse means

Role of Government:

Role of Government Begin to question role of government Grow of social discourse emerging from slavery What responsibilities does the government have to its citizens?


Industry Dehumanization practice escalates in new way from slavery to industry How does industry play a role on humans? Goes back to the question: what responsibilities does the government have to protect its people?

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