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From November 8th Class


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Top Five “Need to Knows” from November 8th:

Top Five “Need to Knows” from November 8th By: Megan Huber

Review: State of Nature:

Review: State of Nature Pure truth Pure perfection Biblical undertones

President Obama’s Speech:

President Obama’s Speech Past authors we have studied are heard Their works are re-contextualized Hear Winthrop: “Right to determine own destiny”

What Else Do We Hear?:

What Else Do We Hear? Violent rocky waters represents the hardships America has been experience Violent rocky waters = Poe Ligament analogy: “We are together as one”

The Cook:

The Cook Who was the cook in Arthur Gordon Pym? Was demonized Main attraction of attack of crew Positive or negative connotations to African Americans? We can view the cook as having negative power

Discovery of Antarctica:

Discovery of Antarctica Discovered 1820 Close to when “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket” was written People believed novel was true, believed what Poe wrote Savages of Antarctica are African American Can this be viewed as another racist concept? Can we question if this was Poe’s own feelings or literary expression? This narrative is filled with racial tendencies

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