Top Five Need to Knows from September 18

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The top five need to knows from September 18th class.


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Top Five “Need to Knows” for September 18th:

Top Five “Need to Knows” for September 18th Megan Huber

Our Conceptual Hike:

Our Conceptual Hike Our conceptual hike is disorienting. What is our conceptual hike similar to? Winthrop and his experience leaving everything he knows with a group of people across the ocean. Virtue of migration is disorienting because of the unknown. Our virtual meetings are a survey map of our own perspective.

Finney and the Second Great Awakening:

Finney and the Second Great Awakening First Great Awakening stemmed from Edwards in the 1730-40s. Second Great Awakening was a religious movement. Focused on those without religion. Moral freedom to obey – exercising own will. Used excitement – there is a spirit inside each of us.

Second Great Awakening:

Second Great Awakening Moral perfection bound up with social cohesion. Now, it’s just not about self, it’s also about SOCIETY.


Noyes Gathered people to form Oneida Community. Noyes was a religious leader who saw himself as central of his community that displayed moral perfectionism. What is this similar to in today’s society? Cult leaders. Purposive discourse was perfectionism. Oneida Community Mansion House


Covenant Our past definition: divine set of rules and responsibilities Now no longer seen as only relationship with God Relationship with God still exists however now based more upon personal liberty. Reason and rationale; all humans have capacity to figure it out for themselves. Age of reason = enlightenment = scientific revolution

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