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Top Five Need to Knows from Sept. 12th Class


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Top 5 “Need to Knows” from September 12th:

Top 5 “Need to Knows” from September 12th Megan Huber

Context of Writing:

Context of Writing One lens versus multiple lenses: Does the writer have one way of seeing or is their writing from various viewpoints? Intellectual history: Common theme in the readings we have read so far? Persuasion, seeking to argue particular stance, leaders, important political pieces to justify British colonial rule.


Covenant Definition: Set of rules and responsibilities with each other according to divine order; a binding pact.

Cannon and Feudal Law:

Cannon and Feudal Law Similarities to Winthrop’s writings are present Cannot write about religion without writing about political, cannot write political without economic, cannot write about economic without writing about social. All are intertwined.

Ranking and Order:

Ranking and Order In order to access God and his city, one must respond effectively to their authority King and Queen recognized as closest to God

Printing Press:

Printing Press One of the most influential inventions created by Johan Gutenberg Begins to educate ones who do not have an education Informs and give them power to voice opinion and believe what they want to believe in

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