Silk Road and HBC

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Foundations of Globalization:

Foundations of Globalization The Silk Road

How it all got Started:

How it all got Started Why did/do people seek out new cultures and territories? What makes people leave home and explore?


TRADE!!! People left to acquire exotic goods, seek out new sources of commodities and resources, and to make profit.

The Silk Road:

The Silk Road

The Way West:

The Way West The Silk Road was a network of trade routes connecting China and the Mediterranean through India and Mesopotamia.

General Zang Qian:

General Zang Qian Chinese diplomat during the 2nd century BCE, the Han Dynasty He was sent to find large warhorses from the Middle East Was the first to return to China with reliable information on Central Asia and the Middle East

The Open Road:

The Open Road Once trade was initiated, the unique goods of China, India, and Persia began flowing to Greece, Italy and the rest of Europe.

What Was Swapped?:

What Was Swapped? Going East Horses Ivory Glass Grapes Olives/Olive oil Amber Artists and Performers Going West Silk Precious gems Spices Tea Gunpowder Paper Porcelain

Take a Minute:

Take a Minute With the people around you, make a list of goods that would travel on the silk road today What kinds of things do we buy from China and India? How about things they buy from us?

What’s the Big Deal?:

What’s the Big Deal? The Silk Road was probably the first breath of modern Globalization.

Why’s That?:

Why’s That? It inspired sophisticated systems of organized trade.


Mercantilism System of trade designed to increase the wealth of Monarchs in Europe through international trade Relied on a network of colonies and trading companies


M onopolies Having the only right or ability to trade in a particular good or commodity Necessary for mercantilism Regulated trade to ensure kings got their cut

Crown Companies:

Crown Companies A company that operates under the control of a Monarchy Often awarded a monopoly over certain comodities


HBC The Hudson’s Bay Company Under control of the British Crown Given a monopoly of furs in North America in 1670

Its Influence:

Its Influence The HBC is often described as the “Company that built Canada” Radisson and des Grosilliers are called “resourceful frenchmen ” on HBC’s website It also says that it brought the benefits of capitalism to the First Nations of Canada Their motto is “Canada’s Merchants” To this day, it is one of North America’s largest and most profitable retail stores

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