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Vedas and Upanishads : 

Vedas and Upanishads To know the difference between the Shruti and the Smriti. To recognise how the different elements of the Vedas help Hindus to understand Brahman.

The Shruti : 

The Shruti Read p86-89 in the Hinduism in Today’s World text Note the four elements of each Veda How might the Shruti affect a Hindu’s view of Brahmins? Which Veda is the oldest and most important? Do the vedas belong to the Shruti or Smriti? What do Shruti and Smriti mean?

Smriti : 

Smriti Read p86-95 in This is Hinduism What are the two most popular texts of the Smriti and what story in one of them is a metaphor for resisting temptation? Which two incarnations of Vishnu are present in these two stories? As Vishnu is present as a human in these stories and Vishnu represents that which sustains life and society what might the message of these stories lead us to believe?

The Laws of Manu : 

The Laws of Manu Read the section on the Laws of Manu on p12 in MWR Hinduism What criticism has been levelled against this holy text recently? How do you think Hindus should respond to this sort of challenge? Explain your answer with reference to Hindu beliefs.

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