The Battle for Honest Customer Feedback


Presentation Description | We explore the differences between online recall surveys and point-of-emotion surveys through examples of how each works.


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The battle for honest customer feedback :

Online Recall Surveys vs Point-of-Emotion Surveys The battle for honest customer feedback

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Let’s get in the rink as Online Recall and Point-of-Emotion go head to head in a battle to provide the best and most candid customer reactions and opinions. We’ll fight for each team and see whom we should put our money behind.

online recall is up first:

online recall is up first There are hundreds if not thousands of surveys we, the customer, can take on a wide variety of topics. Whether we are emailed or just happen to stumble across a survey we qualify for the process is still the same. The business wants to know about how we respond to their business, products, and customer service.

the survey:

the survey So, we sit down to take a survey about THE SHOP that we visited a couple weeks ago. We try to answer all their questions sincerely but time has passed – Did we have trouble locating the products? Were the people on the floor helpful? Did we really visit THE SHOP on the day we think we did? Are we actually answering honestly? There are so many variables…

now over to point-of-emotion’s side :

now over to point-of-emotion’s side We walk into THE SHOP today. Our smart phone notifies us that we can take a survey about THE SHOP now. We don’t have to fight to remember about the experience a couple weeks ago because we are experiencing it right now.

the survey:

the survey We can submit not only our opinions but also: Take Pictures Scan Barcodes And Record Our Thoughts All done in real time.

qualifying customers:

With Online Recall we have to wade through our emails or hopefully stumble across THE SHOP’s survey. With Point-of-Emotion we get notified about the survey while we are at THE SHOP. Point-of-Emotion delivers the first big hit! qualifying customers

getting the right answers :

Online Recall depends on us being perfect memory machines – and honestly we forget our keys enough to know that our memories aren’t perfect. Point-of-Emotion just requires us to take a minute or two to respond to the survey – no memory needed. Point-of-Emotion serves up a another huge hit to Online Recall. getting the right answers

Live Honest Opinions :

When it comes down to it there is no contest between these two resources. In the moment reactions from current customers are what companies need to have, not forced memories of a time they once did something. Point-of-Emotion wins the game! Live Honest Opinions

PowerPoint Presentation:

mfour started like all great companies should, with a great idea formed while enjoying a beer. Amongst food and libations a handful of amazing researchers decided there should be an app that would deliver customers’ opinions to companies within an in-the-moment environment. mfour created Surveys On The Go. 714 754 1234

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