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Life and Death Case 3: cloning to bring back a child:

Life and Death Case 3: cloning to bring back a child Morgan J. Filsinger


Background Katherine Gordon’s 17 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver 5 years ago After her death, some of her cells were frozen for possible cloning in the future Extensive research with no prevail Acknowledges new child wouldn’t exactly be Emily, but she’d be similar


Thesis Specifically in this case, it is not morally permissible for Katherine Gordon to use cloning, for the purpose of bringing back the child

Argument Overview:

Argument Overview Autonomy is an individual’s right to self govern According to Jay Katz, the only way autonomy wouldn’t be met, is if the patient isn’t entirely competent due to an illness or disease (Katz, 219) Katherine was healthy when deciding to clone Emily Katherine acknowledging that “I know it wouldn’t be Emily…I don’t know what the new person would be like, but she would have a good start in life.” ( Sommerfeld , 427) Katherine has a right to autonomy (1 -4) Cloning is defined as “the asexual production of a genetically identical entity from an existing one” (Vaughn 416) Katherine was cloning Emily in order to have a twin almost exactly like her Dr. William Hurbut “ I don’t think anyone should have to live their life in the footsteps of someone else.” ( Sommerfeld , 427) The clone’s right to a unique identity is violated (Vaughn, 419) (6-8) The Utilitarian Theory implies that we should only be allowed to clone, if the benefits outweigh the burdens. (Vaughn, 421) The death rate and amount of birth defects in clones is very high, while the lifespan is very low. (https:// /25020028/cloning-fact-sheet/) Cloning is not morally permissible for Katherine (5,6-11 )


Conclusion Although Katherine has the autonomous right to create a cloned child inside herself, cloning is not morally permissible specifically in this case, because the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages.

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