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Case 1: Informed consent or not? :

Morgan Filsinger Case 1: Informed consent or not?


-64 year old woman with MS -Doctors recommend feeding tube -Patient initially agrees but later becomes confused -When asked again in the morning, the patient agrees to the feeding tube Background


Case 1 does not exemplify informed consent. pOSITION

Conditions for informed consent:

Patient is competent Adequate information is disclosed to the patient Patient understands the information The patient decides freely The patient consents to the treatment Conditions for informed consent


1.Autonomy is defined as the capacity that human beings have for self governance; to make choices that are truly our own without overriding pressures or coercion. 2. While making her decisions in the mornings, the patient understood all the information and was not coerced. 3. Therefore, the patient was fully autonomous during decision making. {1-2}     4. Informed consent is outlined in five points: 1.Patient is competent 2. Adequate Information is disclosed to the patient 3. Patient understands the information 4. Patient decides freely 5. Patient consents to the treatment 5. The patient became confused at night, unable to understand her decision (point 3) 6. For that brief moment, the patient is not fully competent (point 1) 7. If all 5 of the informed Consent Guidelines are not met, it is not considered Informed Consent 8. Two of the five guidelines were violated 9 . This was not a case of informed consent {4 -8} Argument

Conclusion :

Case 1 does not exemplify informed consent. The patient was fully autonomous and able to make her own choices, but did not exemplify all of the guidelines required to meet informed consent. Conclusion

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