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Do You Have The Bug?:

Do You Have The Bug? Going Viral: Proliferation of the Digital Bug

Playlist :

Playlist History of Media Platforms Classic Bandwagon and Network Effects Going Viral: 3 Case Studies The Mutated Virus: Moving Beyond The Definitions

2000 Years of Transformation :

2000 Years of Transformation   

Zero Cost Dissemination :

Zero Cost Dissemination

Bandwagon and Network Effects :

Bandwagon and Network Effects VS Betamax VHS

Interconnectivity :


Slide 9:

       

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Function subscribing = ( f)w – prize(p ) ≥ 0 f* fraction of people who will subscribe based on f Simple Model: constant (density) 

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Critical Mass Problem: Reaching level f * > f in order to move user set to next highest equilibrium level

Winner Take All:

Winner Take All

Going Viral :

Going Viral Dependent on Host Dynamics of Attention = Δ Views/Time 3 Interpretations of Viral: Viewership Epidemic(Searchable ) sources Functional “viral” form

Case 1: Viewership In Itself :

Case 1: Viewership In Itself 14 billion video views in 2010 High viewership and visibility Unique Views vs Repeat Viewers Advertising Online Advertising Focus On The Family

High Viewership: Featured Advertising :

High Viewership: Featured Advertising

Case 2: User Search based :

Case 2: User Search based Short Term Relevance/Interest Breaking News Current Events White House Press Briefing: President Obama on Budget Negotiations , Search Engine, Blogging or Embedded

Searched Based (Concave):

Searched Based (Concave)

Case 3: Dynamic Epidemic :

Case 3: Dynamic Epidemic Word of Mouth: Chain/Telephone Effect Blogs Twitter Status Long Term Interest Epidemic leads to individual search Entertainment/Social value I Have Sex

Epidemic: Viral :

Epidemic: Viral

Moving Beyond Viral Boundaries :

Moving Beyond Viral Boundaries Digital Media is a dynamic and consistently innovated marketplace. Definitions of going viral must be flexible in a world where dissemination is equally ephemeral as the digital host. Consumption patterns are dynamic and respond to technological progress in information, entertainment and advertising The process by which content is distributed and monetized is constantly changing.

Summary & Impacts :

Summary & Impacts History of Dissemination Bandwagon and Networking Effects in the Digital Marketplace Going Viral: 3 Definitions and Case Studies Moving beyond the Definitions Impacting…. News Entertainment Politics Social Justice Information

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