Asthma: What is Asthma and How to manage it?

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Asthma is a breathing problem that affects the airways in the lungs. Asthma can occur at any age but can be controlled with the help of proper medications.


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Asthma :


What is Asthma?:

What is Asthma? Asthma is a breathing problem that affects the airways in the lungs . The airways react to certain substances, known as irritants and become inflamed and narrow making breathing difficult . All of this sounds scary, but it’s not that a big deal .

How Asthma Triggers? :

How Asthma Triggers? A trigger is anything — from dust mites to deodorants — that irritates the airways.   It is important to remember that everyone’s asthma is different, and therefore their triggers tend to be different as well. Some of the common Asthma triggers are : Dust mites Cigarette smoke and air pollutants Pollen  — Pollens from grass, trees and weeds Occupational triggers   —Wood & coal dust, chemicals, metal salts, paint airborne dust in mines etc. Viral and bacterial infections — Common cold and sinusitis Medication — Certain medicines, e.g. aspirin, some blood pressure drugs Food — Certain food items such as fizzy drinks, nuts and food colour / additives Weather — Weather conditions, such as cold air or extremely dry, wet or windy weather

Asthma Symptoms:

Asthma Symptoms C ommon symptoms of asthma are: What is Breathlessness :  You feel like you can’t get enough air in or out of your lungs, and find it especially difficult to breathe out. Frequent or persistent cough:  You have a cough that doesn’t go away for many days, and you find that you often cough at night or after exercising. Wheezing:  You hear a whistling sound every time you breathe out. Tightness in the chest:  You get a tight feeling in the chest, like someone is squeezing or sitting on your chest. It’s not necessary that every person with asthma shows all of these symptoms. For instance, some people may have disturbed sleep at night due to excessive coughing, while others may experience breathlessness while exercising.

Asthma Management :

Asthma Management With proper treatment and asthma action plan, you can control your asthma completely, and almost forget that you have it . Regular medication Asthma medicine is usually given via inhalers, so that it reaches the lung directly and causes minimal side effects. Asthma action plan An asthma action plan is a written plan that you develop with your doctor to help control your asthma. The asthma action plan shows how to control your asthma on a daily basis, such as what kind of medicines to take and when to take them.

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