Things You Should Be Careful In Asbestos Testing

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For Asbestos testing in UAE, you may contact Mets Lab. These tests require special equipment and expert handling, which Mets Lab will be able to provide excellently. However, please keep it in mind that while collecting samples, you should never break off a piece.


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ABOUT US  Middle East Testing Services METS - L.L.C was established in 2018 by a group of technocrat researchers and leading test service professionals and educationists who have over 15 years of experience in the area of scientific research and development administration manufacturing and marketing withanobjectivetoprovideexcellence intestingservices.  METS LLC was designed to deliver the foremost analytical services that area unit the very best quality realizable correct and timely and most trusty testing partner within theworld.

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LABORATORY TESTING SERVICES  ConsumerProductTesting  CosmeticTesting  SoilandWater  HalalTesting  OilPetroleum  FoodandAgriculturalTesting  HealthSafetytesting  PaintTesting

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FEW PLACES WHERE YOU MAY FIND TRACES OF ASBESTOS  Texturedcoatings  Lagging  Looseasbestosfoundinfloorcavitiesorceilings  Floortiles  Sprayedcoatingsonceilings  Water pipes and cisterns  Brick  Stone  Concrete  Wood

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THINGS YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN ASBESTOS TESTING  15 years ago asbestos was widely used in the field of construction as a fire insulator because of its incredible fire- resistant characteristics. However it was also extremely harmful to the human body causing as much as 2500 deaths a year. Because when its fibers were inhaled it could causecancer.  In 1999 usage of asbestos and all relevant products made from it were banned. However there are still plenty of buildings and constructions around 15 years ago which has a high chance of containing asbestos. Therefore it is always bettertogetanAsbestostesting.

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PREPARE FOR THE TEST  Fi rstly it wo uld be bet te r if you h ave comple te informat ion about cons tr uctio n . Talk wit h the pre vio us owners gat her past docu ments or you can e ven conta c t the build ing ar chit ect to ob t ain furthe r in f orma tio n .  You can also car ry out an asbesto s manage m ent surv ey to know the ex act loca tio n type conditi on ext ent and if it re quires an y su r face tr eat ment . It wo uld be best if you also to ok proper pre cauti ons . This would re quire a tr aine d an d lice nse d contr act or . If you are confident th at you have asbesto s on your pre mi ses it is bett er not to do anything to it .

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CONTACT US ADDRESS Exhibition- Showroom No.4 Jurf Industrial Zone 1Ajman UAE PH 067445538 / 0589505070 Email

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