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Test of conformance for products and processes on regular basis to ensure adherence to specification and reliability


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Materials info consultancy private limited

Materials info consultancy private limited TOC

What is TOC:

What is TOC TOC TOC is test of conformance to the specifications TOC is Applicable to : Products Processes Products can be tangible as in Manufacturing sector i.e Engineering, Automotive, Aerospace etc or Intangible as in service sectors like Banking, hotels, health care, Insurance etc Similarly the processes could be manufacturing processes and service sector processes i.e non manufacturing Materials info consultancy private limited 2

TOC and Organizational Health:

TOC and Organizational Health Health of an organisation depends on the product and processes . The organisation can be a manufacturing ( Engineering /automotive) or a service sector. When we talk about the product, it is the final outcome of a sequence of processes . In case of a manufacturing sector The product is a tangible one which can be realized , touched and felt . whereas in case of service sectors like hospitals, banks, hotels, real estate agency, insurance companies, airlines etc the final product in many case is not a tangible one. It can be only perceived by the end customers who can then comment about Quality of the same while going through all the processes inherent in the system Materials info consultancy private limited 3

TOC For Product and Process:

TOC For Product and Process Test of conformance of a product assumes great significance which shall be done at regular intervals To make sure that product meets all the requirements as per the specifications Product would definitely be able to meet the expectation of end customer in terms of performance, durability and reliability . The processes or the sequence/flow used to manufacture the product assume much more significance to ensure a product which is reliable , durable and consistently meets the required specification levels over time. This calls for the process requirements i.e efficiency, cycle time, process rejections i.e ppm, process capability etc. Materials info consultancy private limited 4

TOC For special processes and service sector:

TOC For special processes and service sector The processes particularly special processes like casting, forging, heat treatment, coating, plating , welding , molding etc need to be validated at regular intervals to make sure that process meets the required guidelines as per AIAG CQI procedures/end customer requirements . Same is true for the processes in service sector where the end customer differentiates a particular service provider than other based on various process attributes including Quality, time taken, error proofness , Price/cost, behaviors /courteousness of staff etc. Materials info consultancy private limited 5

Materials info can support you for TOC:

Materials info can support you for TOC We at Materials info are confident to support you for TOC which is the Mantra for an organization & all health in terms of overall Quality of its product and processes. We also support you during in initial development stage for product and processes to ensure optimum cost for the process and cost, weight of the product. Materials info consultancy private limited 6

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