How to Host a Successful Meeting with Meeting Room Rental in Singapore


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When to host a conference? Where to host the meeting? How to choose the conference hall? Are these questions disturbing you often? Then take a quick glimpse now.


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How to host a successful meeting:

How to host a successful meeting

Earlier Stages of Planning:

Earlier Stages of Planning Setting the time for the conference depends on the event that is planned. Weather conditions, dates of other events that coincide with yours, vacation time, etc. are other factors that play a huge role. Book the venue hall as soon as the date is set. Remember, hotels are competing for your business- the earlier you book; the better is your opportunity to bargain. Check for hotel room availability around the venue to host delegates. Look for different options including lower priced alternatives. Reserve non-smoking rooms as well. Arrange for speakers as early as possible. Arrange for caterer. Registration form can include details if the delegates are vegetarians/non vegetarians. Plan the menu accordingly.

Arranging the Conference:

Arranging the Conference Arrange for necessary permission from relevant authorities. Set up a website and add all relevant details pertaining to the event. Create necessary email ids for the conference. Inform delegates about changes as and when introduced through website. Create a detailed database for the event. An excel sheet detailing the name, address and contact details of attendees, a separate sheet for details about the arrangements made, etc. should help. Plan the seating arrangement and other details. The chronology of events should also be planned. Arrange for volunteers to help during the event. Coordinate with the hotel to arrange for hospitality staff. There should be enough water, beverages and other refreshments available for delegates.

Fine Tuning the Arrangements:

Fine Tuning the Arrangements Arrange for badges, banners, information pamphlets, photographers, etc. Arrange for transport and parking.

How do we help:

How do we help We offer meeting rooms on rental in Singapore. We also offer to arrange for trainers, speakers and other event organizers for small and medium sized companies.

Our Service Highlights Include:

Our Service Highlights Include Guaranteed best rates Just enter contact information and we’ll contact you shortly High quality projector and projector screen Complimentary refreshments Printer and stationery available

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For more details , Visit :   Call at : + 65 64382135

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