Looking Out For a Plantation Shutters Provider? Ask These 5 Questions!


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If you are going for a renovation or want to have a plantation shutter that will match your existing interiors, you need to go for customisation. A customised plantation shutter Melbourne matches with the interior like no other.


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Looking Out For a Plantation Shutters Provider Ask These 5 Questions Are you looking out for a timeless window treatment for your new house Do you doubt the magic plantation shutters can do to the window Then worry not Plantation Shutters are the most elegant and stylish window treatment that has gained all hype in today’s Australian climate. With a pool of options available out there it is extremely difficult to find out the best fit for the window. If you are one of them facing the problem then what is the solution The simple solution to get answers to your questions is to ask an expert manufacturer of plantation shutters. So let’s jump on to the topic and discuss which questions you should ask the service provider of ​Blinds Melbourne ​.

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1. Where will the shutters be built If you are lucky enough you will get a service provider who actually manufactures the shutters but usually you will find a middle person. Which means either plantation shutters are imported or they rely on some overseas manufacturers. If you are fussy or want a quality product ask the provider the question mentioned above. 2. What type of shutters do they offer Plywood hardwood poly shutters The type and design of the shutters define the look and feel of the house. If you are looking for a decorative treatment that will enhance the beauty of the house it is better to go for a shutter that will add on to it. Wood shutters are lighter and stronger than the poly shutters and can be painted with any colour. The colour should be chosen in a way that the treatment looks sleek and aesthetic. With the quality comes the price. Hardwood shutters are a bit costlier than the other options.

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3. How much time would it take to build and install plantation shutters If you need your shutters instantly you need to choose a shutter provider who delivers it to you in a short time. Since most of the shutters are manufactured overseas always consider the shipping period from the date you place the order. Ask them the time they will take to manufacture the product with complete finishing. 4. Do they offer a warranty If the answer to the above question is yes ask them the warranty period for the same. You will find many shutter providers giving a lifetime warranty or five to ten years warranty. We know it looks like a no-brainer but trust us it is essential to ask for the warranty period. What will you do if the shutter’s louvres break A blanket statement about the warranty is not accepted you should ask them to give it to you in writing. 5. Do they offer customisation The obvious answer is yes but it is always better to ask if they can offer customisation. If you are going for a renovation or want to have a plantation shutter that will match your existing interiors you need to go for customisation. A customised ​plantation ​shutter ​Melbourne matches with the interior like no other. Bonus Question: 6. Do they offer a childproof window shutter You may want to go for plantation shutters that are childproof if you have small kids at home. These plantation shutters offer more privacy features and don’t harm anyone in any way.

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We hope you find a plantation shutter that meets your budget and the requirements. You can always go for a professional consultation before installing plantation shutters at home. Contact Us Company Name: ​Meta Blinds Address: ​1/14 Natalia Ave Oakleigh South VIC 3167 Phone: ​ 1300 421 688 Email id: ​hellometablinds.com.au Website: ​ ​ ​www.metablinds.com.au

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