Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, is a Transformational Leader

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Leaders with a ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ management attitude are sure to spell trouble for their organization. A leadership style that does not encourage collaboration and delegation will fail to garner employee commitment.


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Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, is a Transformational Leader :

Michael Dadoun , the CEO of UpClick , is a Transformational Leader Michael Dadoun

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What differentiates a leader from non-leader has been a subject of intense debate since long. Some experts argue that certain traits like charisma, intelligence, enthusiasm, courage, etc. make a leader. In other words, leaders are born and not made. Michael Dadoun , the CEO of UpClick is a natural born leader of people. Other theorists argue that that behaviors displayed by individuals under certain circumstances determine their leadership potential. Simply put, these theorists believe that leadership can be taught. Experts have been also trying to explain the difference between managers and leaders. These two terms are pretty confusing and people think that they are one and the same.

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Leadership is often defined as the ability of a person to influence a group of people to work towards the achievement of a common goal or objective. Management on the other hand is all about bringing order and consistency in the organization for its smooth functioning. The gist of the matter is that leadership is all about coping with change while management is all about coping with complexity. Leaders therefore, can make a difference: both in the lives of the people they lead and the organization they head. Another stream of research has been intensely working to explain the difference between transformational leadership and transactional leadership. In the following paragraphs we will deal extensively with transformational leadership and how such leaders can make a big difference to any modern organization.

Transactional Leadership :

Transactional Leadership These kinds of leaders remove the roadblocks in the way of their subordinates so that they can achieve the established goals. Transactional leaders get things done by promise of rewards. Hard workers are rewarded and accomplishments are recognized. Such leaders are reactive rather than being proactive. They watch action from a distance choosing to intercede only if the situation strongly demands it. They intervene only if there is a deviation from the standard rules and procedures. They also abdicate responsibility and shy away from making decisions. They fear that they will have to bear full responsibility for any decision gone awry.

Transformational Leadership :

Transformational Leadership Transformational leaders know the art of making people follow their vision. They inspire people to transcend their own narrow self-interest for the greater good of the organization. These types of leaders have the ability to present a larger picture to their subordinates and make them see things in a positive light. Michael Dadoun , the CEO of Montreal based UpClick and co-founder of UpClick.com, is a transformational leader in the true sense of the word. He has a profound and extraordinary effect on the motivational aspects of his subordinates. He is a leader who has taken his organization to new heights in an unbelievingly short period of time. He is easily accessible and cares for both the personal and professional lives of his subordinates.

How does Transformational Leadership Work? :

How does Transformational Leadership Work? Leaders of any modern organization work in a complex and chaotic environment. They need to practice a transformational style of leadership to effectively lead their organization. Transformational leaders are not only good leaders of people but also exceptional trainers. They encourage their followers to be more creative, innovative, and brave. They expect their followers to be proactive rather than reactive and deviation for the right cause from standard rules and procedures is encouraged. Transformational leaders are more creative and take more risks. They are highly effective since they also develop creativity and risk taking appetite in their followers. This enables the subordinates to pursue ambitious goals with more vigor and vitality.

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Transformational leaders are also very good with their selection of people. Employees who lack motivation, courage, and commitment are not likely to be persuaded to work towards a common cause. Leaders can only be successful if they have employees who share the same level of passion and commitment as their head. They must believe that the goals they have been asked to pursue are personally important. Another vital aspect that transformational leaders possess is that they have a vision and the ability to effectively communicate this vision to their subordinates. The vision provides a sense of continuity to the followers. They are made to believe that their own personal development is linked to the overall development of the organization. Michael  Dadoun , the CEO of UpClick , a Montreal Canada based e-commerce company, has proved to be an exceptionally competent leader. He displays all the characteristics of a truly transformational leader.

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He is a leader who presents a larger picture and sense of direction to his employees. Michael provides vision and a sense of mission to his subordinates. Studies have proved transformational leadership to be more effective than transactional leadership. Organizations headed by transformational leaders have been found to be more productive. They also have lower turnover rates and higher employee satisfaction. Employees working under a transformational leader are more satisfied and motivated. Michael  Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal based payment processing company UpClick . He is a leader who has greatly enhanced the spirit of innovation in his employees. They are confident enough to question the established views of their leader.

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