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We are one of the best San Diego divorce lawyers. Feel free to call our divorce attorney in San Diego at (619)966-4435. Visit our website for more details.


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Mesnik Law Group: Your Family Lawyer for Family Matters “Trouble in paradise Hire divorce attorney San Diego and settle family related matters in the best possible way.” Rules and laws are designed by the people of the land to safeguard the interest of common people. The purpose of the law is to ensure that no one is mistreated and everyone gets the fair amount of share the law is vast and it has covered almost every aspect of human life. Family the basic unit of the society came into existence when two people decide to marry and when their progeny are born they complete the family. The foundation of a

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Marriage is mutual love respect and trust apart from many other important factors. Sometimes marriage undergoes a crisis due to an unpleasant relationship between a husband and a wife. No matter what the reason is behind the disharmony sometimes terminating the marriage remain the only option to

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safeguard the existence of an individual and there is no harm in ending a relationship that cause more trouble than happiness. Anyone who seeks legal advice to settle the matters related to domestic violence divorce paternity or child custody legal separation property division spouse support can turn towards the Mesnik Law Group for support. The Mesnik Law Group was founded in the year 2009 and since then the firm has helped many people in breaking the bond of an abusive relationship. What makes Mesnik truly reliable is our approach it is not just getting the divorce but the focus is to ensure that the justice is done and each person gets their due. Feel free to call us for a divorce attorney in San Diego our professionals.

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Browse the website learn more about our services discuss fees and other formalities and stand for justice. Mesnik Law GroupInc. Address: 3914 Murphy Canyon Road Suite A218 San Diego CA 92123 Phone: 619 966-4435 Fax: 619 966-4436 E-Mail: Web:

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