How to Create Happy New Year Greetings Cards 2014

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How to Create Happy New Year Greetings Cards 2014:

How to Create Happy New Year Greetings Cards 2014 By XFlipSoft


Introduction The celebration of Happy New Year Day has been observed until today. Yet this does not mean traditions cannot be changed over the years, the way the Chinese New Year is celebrated has always been changing while the most obvious example is: We no longer light firecrackers. Anyway, It is still celebrated as a time of new beginnings.   People send best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year by creating personalized Happy New Years greetings to celebrate the special holiday. The card is absolutely invaluable to the practice of bringing warm wishes to all who receive it. Luckily, there're many kinds of cards for your choice, some websites now have the ability to offer one card with the voice attachment option and plans to have the feature applicable to all its cards. The software program allows to add your personal messages and video clips to help you customize and design the cards with your personal favorite style.

Happy New Year Greetings 2014:

Happy New Year Greetings 2014


Steps First of all, you could take some photographs of you or your family with traditional New Years party favors. Save these photos into one folder on your desktop. Download free trial of easy-to-use XFlip digital cards maker and launch the software successfully.

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2. Add one desired photo to its screen, alternatively, you could also choose a card template from your software's available projects. Click the "Design" icon at the top menu and then click the "Text" at the left menu of the screen. Drag and drop the frame and type a New Year greeting like "Happy New Year 2014" or "Best Wishes for 2014" . The great software program allows to change the font color, style and size in the text toolbar to best serve your satisfaction. 3. If you're careful and creative enough, then you could customize your greeting cards easily by inserting video clips of family party. It's also wise to type a greeting message like a New Years poem or quote on the inside of your card.

Happy New Year Card Online 2014 :

Happy New Year Card Online 2014

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4. Publish your greeting cards in various output files as you like, sending your friends and family members a digital e-card to ring in the New Year. You could transfer these eCards to various mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or Android devices and many more. Send or share via emails or social website these free e-cards marked by a song, video animation or simply an inspirational message to your loved ones to observe the coming of a New Year.

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