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Are you seeking for Car Repair in Singapore then Merlin Motor Works is your One-Stop Car Servicing and Workshop in Singapore? We offer various car services - from tuning and oil changes to car repairs and car parts replacement. for more info, you can contact us:+65 9632 7928


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slide 1: Want to Car Repair in Singapore Car has become a necessity for everyone but it is essential to maintain the parts of car also. Engine oil is important for proper functioning if it will not be changed and will not lubricate in a proper way producing extra heat inside the engine. One may not notice this as the gauge on the dashboard will not express the extra heat. Oil will be changed according to the distance of the car certain cars need changes more often the care manual has a selection devoted on car maintenance. Car Maintenance Singapore knows all the process about the steps of maintaining the car. It is important to change every two or some months as the oil circulates inside the engine it picks.Cars need oxygen for the combustion procedure. Clean air is essential for the fuel to enlighten properly.

slide 2: The air gets into the combustion system through the air filter. If the filter is unclean or full of dust one will not have sufficient air for burning fuel in a proper way. Car Repair in Singaporewill sort all the issues as they know that the maintenance job they can do by themselves all one have to do is clean the air filters cleaned with air pressure. Some people take their cars to the mechanic and have the air filter cleared with air pressure.Car Maintenance in Singaporeis very convenient as people don’t believe in overlooking. They know that the major maintenance area is breaks in the car and the area as well can extremely expensive if it is ignored. The end result will be full replacement of the pads rotor pads and drums as well as on a condition a calliper. Engines need a specific temperature to operate in a proper way too much heat will damage moving parts which will be time-consuming and expensive. Address: Blk 10 Ang Mo Kio Industrial PArk 2A 03-13 AMK Autopoint Singapore 568047 Email: Phone: Jacky +65 9632 7928 Henry +65 9878 4718 Main +65 64845225

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