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Dr John Esler is a gynaecology specialist in Queensland, Brisbane & Gold Coast. We provide treatments for female health problems such as gynaecological surgery, donor eggs & sperm.


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Dr John Esler – Gynaecology Fertility Services Dr John Esler Queensland Fertlity Group QFG Toowoomba Dr Esler is one of Queensland’s most experienced gynaecologists and gynaecological surgeons. His services are personal and professional and his experience knowledge and expertse ensure his patents have the best chance of achieving a positve outcome. Dr Esler’s fertlity practce – Queensland Fertlity Group Toowoomba – ofers a comprehensive range of services including fertlity services for singles and same-sex couples. Dr Esler’s fertlity services incorporate all the latest evidence-based best practce techniques and treatments including advanced embryo selecton that are clinically and scientfcally proven to give individual patents the best chance of producing a viable pregnancy. Dr Esler understands that patents seeking fertlity advice dream of having a baby and his aim is to help them achieve that dream safely and with minimum anxiety and cost. His success rates are amongst the highest in the country. Click Here:- htps:// Gynaecology Every woman is unique and deserves a personalised approach to her care from an experienced clinician. Dr Esler’s gynaecological expertse is extensive and he has grown to become one of Queensland’s most

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experienced gynaecological surgeons in partcular in vaginal surgery which includes treatment of prolapse and incontnence. Evidence shows that vaginal surgery where indicated delivers greater benefts to patents than other forms of surgery. Vaginal surgery ensures patents have fewer complicatons a faster recovery a shorter stay in hospital and less pain. Dr Esler also performs all other forms of gynaecological surgery including advanced laparoscopic procedures complex major surgical procedures involving abdominal pelvic surgery as well as vaginal surgery pelvic foor reconstructon prolapse repairs vaginal and abdominal hysterectomy and treatment for urinary incontnence. Locaton Contact Us Dr John Esler QFG Toowoomba Toowoomba Specialist Centre 15/9 Scot St. Toowoomba QLD 4350 Tel: 07 4638 5533 Fax: 07 4639 1652 For emergencies please contact a QFG nurse on Tel: 07 4638 5243.

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