Creating Presentation Content

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Creating Presentation Content:

Creating Presentation Content Meritsa Dufresne

Define the Audience:

Define the Audience Who is the audience? What are their needs? What are their expectations? How much do they already know? How can you help them understand?

Develop the Content:

Develop the Content Identify purpose Research topic Brainstorm Create the storyboard - Title slide -Introduction -Key points -Conclusion

Edit the Content:

Edit the Content Make text concise Use consistent verb tense -Eliminate excess adverbs and adjectives -Use few prepositions Use strong active verbs Keep bullets parallel

Simplify the Content:

Simplify the Content Use one key concept per slide Use the 7 x 7 guideline -Limit slide to seven of fewer lines -Limit lines to seven or fewer words


The key to an effective presentation is planning ahead!

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