How to Tell the Difference between a Great & a Mediocre Belly Dancer?

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Finding and booking a belly dancer in Montreal is not particularly difficult. A simple online query like Bellydancer Montrealor Best belly dancer Montreal will lead you to a lot of belly dancers.


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How to Tell the Difference between a Great and a Mediocre Belly Dancer Finding and booking a belly dancer in Montreal is not particularly difficult. A simple online query like Bellydancer Montreal or Best belly dancer Montreal will lead you to a lot of belly dancers. However only a handful of what’s out there can be considered as top class and can deliver a top class performance. Here are a few tips that can help you distinguish a top class performer from a mediocre one that lacks passion looks and skill. The best ones always make sure they look fantastic One of the reasons why some are considered the best is because they are always at their best no matter the gig. They take great care about their look and make their appearance a top priority. Their social media pages are full of incredible pictures and comments praising their appearance.

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The best ones are successful businesswomen Being a professional belly dancer also means to be a businesswoman. The best ones excel both on the dance floor and in the office as well. From the moment you give them a call and until they finish their dancing they will behave very professionally and treat their clients with the utmost respect. The respect which they also demand from their clients. They have a strong presence on social media The best ones have tons of followers and are very popular on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Belly dancing is very popular among younger generations as well plus the best belly dancers are very attractive so it all comes together just nicely. Many belly dancers take advantage of their online popularity to promote their services further. They organize or attend many exotic dance performances during the year There is always something new and exciting in the world of exciting dances even though most are centuries old. There is always some original choreography new moves new styles and they all want to be among the first to learn them. They have a constant flow of excellent reviews The best ones are always praised for their dance skills and their look. As a result the flow of positive reviews is steady. Whether it is on Facebook on YELP or some other platform the best ones almost always get five-star ratings. They care what their clients think about them The best ones always ask for feedback and what their clients feel after the job is done. They are not afraid to be criticized or told if there is something people didnt like about their performance. The best ones have the busiest schedules The best ones have already been booked weeks if not months in advance. Therefore it is recommended to take care of the booking part as soon as possible. The best ones are very competitive The best ones are regular on exotic dance competitions. They love to challenge themselves against other dancers and see how they do.

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The mediocre ones On the other hand mediocre ones those that dont put too much effort into belly dancing dont pay much attention to the stuff mentioned above. For them this is either just a hobby or a side job a way to make some extra cash on top of their day jobs. Thats how you can recognize a mediocre belly dancer. Choosing a top belly dance is no rocket science but you need to follow some things. All the pointers above are quite helpful as well as the ones about the mediocre ones. Stick to what you learn here and you will be able to find a great belly dancer in no time. Meriem Pahlavi Belly Dancer Address: 2001 Robert Bourassa 1700 Montreal QC Canada Phone: 514 995 0111 Social Network:- Facebook- Twitter- Youtube- Instagram-

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