The Advantages of Using Turning Point Audience Response Software

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The Advantage of using audience response software is having it allow for interactive presentations between audience members and facilitators.


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MERIDIA Presents The Advantages of Using Audience Response Software


The Advantages of Using Audience Response Software: 1. Honest Opinions 2. Interactive Presentations 3. Training and Support 4. Response Devices 5. Interactive Whiteboards


Honest Opinions Whether it’s market research data regarding a new product, political polling about a sensitive social issue. By using handheld clickers or mobile devices, audience members can offer real-time feedback that is automatically tallied and used for further discussion.


Interactive Presentations It allow for interactive presentations between audience members and facilitators. This technology is used most in meetings and other events that are considered to be open and fun.


Training and Support On-site training from company representatives, phone and email support. The ability to upgrade to other online learning tools makes it more convenient. It has become imperative for companies to ensure their software comes with these options as well as any others that may offer assistance.


Response Devices To make audience response software as effective as possible. Companies must also choose response devices that are easy for audiences to understand and use. Many of today’s most popular software comes pre- loaded onto tablets, allowing companies to purchase the devices and put them to use immediately.


Interactive Whiteboards Audience response software is used extensively in whiteboards, allowing meetings to become even more productive. The software allows people to write, diagram, manipulate and annotate over content displayed on the board.


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