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Mobile Application Categories that were the pillars of fight against Covid-19 Mobile Applications are playing a very big role in the fight against Covid-19. From providing you with entertainment to break the monotony of home to stay aware of the numbers related to the pandemic. These applications are helping us fight the pandemic directly and in many ways indirectly too. Here are some of the thriving categories of Mobile Applications that have helped us. Grocery Apps When the lockdown was first announced people started to stock-up on various grocery essentials. But this thing could have had serious consequences if it wasn’t for the many delivery apps that included grocery stores in their applications. These apps even assured the right skeptic users about the safety measure they would follow with regards to delivery guys. In a situation where people are paranoid these apps have given a way for people to adhere to the social distancing guidelines better. Food delivery apps like Swiggy Zomato Dunzo and Amazon Fresh helped by being the middle man and reduce the paranoia of people in their own way. Educational Apps If the pandemic would have occurred 15 years ago we would be having an even harder time dealing with it than we do now. Students have been sitting home for more than 4 months and if it weren’t for educational/ video conferencing apps like Zoom Skype Google Duo WhatsApp and Facebook Video calls they would be missing out on about a year of education. Not to forget the graduates who would have not been able to give exams if it weren’t for the Internet. Every educational institution has started using digital platforms and arrange online classes Healthcare and Fitness Apps Healthcare apps have also proved to be very helpful as they try their best to provide online diagnosis and treatment to people. On-demand medical apps provide online consultation e- prescription guidance on medical sample tests and medicine delivery. In addition to healthcare apps fitness apps have also gained popularity as they guide people towards a better physical routine in the safety of our homes. Online yoga Zumba and exercise

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videos have also seen a rise in popularity. Physical fitness consultants are there to provide personalized routines. Social Media Apps Social media platforms are rising from quite some time but with so many people at home who have extra time on their hands have you noticed the rise in the number of posts and stories people put these days. To cope-up and forget a little about the pandemic outside people have actually chosen various creative waves. Cooking and posting cooking tutorials singing videos dancing posts are some of the waves people have chosen to escape the monotony of daily life inside their homes. Families are reconnecting on WhatsApp and friends are having fun poking around old photos of other friends. This is a time you can also start to learn something new like cooking learning an instrument or dancing. Entertainment Apps Binge culture has been there for quite some time. Video streaming platforms like Netflix Youtube Amazon Prime are going to entertainment sites. Other than these podcasts music apps like Spotify and gaming apps like ludo and scrabble go have also seen a sudden increase in download figures. The apps your parents used to shout on you about are now on their home pages too as they try to stay connected with their friends extended family and latest goings around the world. Digital Payments Apps At a time like such digital payments apps have been a godsend. They reduce the circulation of hard cash and hence reduce the risk of spread of Coronavirus even if they do so in little capacity. Another app you can download to stay connected with your loved ones and help you type with ease in Marathi is this Marathi keyboard App.

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