5 Tips To Avoid Stress During Job Hunting


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5 Tips To Avoid Stress During Job Hunting Fight the stress of job hunting by creating your SmartProfile™ today Looking for a job comes with its share of ups and downs. Not only is it time consuming but it also affects your energy and savings. It can be a very stressful process right from time you start looking for a job till the interview process. Stress caused by looking for a job further affects your job hunting process negatively. This year on World Health Day MeraJob brings you some tips and tricks which will help you avoid stress as you look for the right job that’s meant just for you. Before we discuss how to deal with the difficulties of job hunting let’s take a look at the most significant causes of this stress:  Searching for the right jobs: Candidates often don’t know where to look for suitable jobs and end up looking at the wrong places. Not being successful because of this decision causes stress. Find jobs matching your skills and preferences.  Cluttered resumes: Candidates often find it difficult to create their CV. They don’t understand what to put on their CV and what to avoid. As a result they end up with low quality resumes. Create your SmartProfile™ today the new-age CV that captures your skills and preferences.  Hiring managers don’t disclose useful information: Often candidates are not properly briefed about how the interview process will unfold. This uncertainty is a major cause of stress and low performance during the interview.  Too much competition: Wherever you go there will be other candidates competing with you for the job. Enhance your skills to get an edge over other candidates. Here’s what you can do to reduce the overall stress of job hunting: 1. Breathe and relax: Make sure to de-stress and relax on a daily basis. If you’re constantly thinking about finding the right job this will only add to your stress. Take long walks breathe in fresh air and think about other things every now and then. 2. Be rational: Don’t get your hopes up after every interview. Understand that you might get this or you might not. Be prepared for rejection. Being mentally prepared for a ‘no’ will help you deal with the stress better. However don’t go to the other extreme to think that you’ll always be rejected. Be rational. 3. Look at the right place: What kind of job are you looking Make sure you’re searching for it on the most relevant portal. For instance MeraJob.in has a very high focus on fresher and entry-level jobs so candidates interested in such jobs should focus on MeraJob rather than on jobs portals that cater to completely different kinds of jobs. 4. Shift your focus to self-improvement: Instead of preparing for individual interviews focus on improving your overall personality and skills. This way you

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become a better candidate for any kind of job that you apply for. You can follow read our blog to improve your communication and soft skills. In addition to that you can find numerous interview tips. 5. De-clutter your resume: Candidates should spend more time on preparing for interviews rather than trying to figure out how and what to put in their resumes. A simple solution to this problem is MeraJob’s SmartProfile™. Stay healthy and don’t let stress catch up with you. We wish you all the best

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