5 thing you must do before your job interview

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5 things you must do before your job interview Getting a chance to interview for a job that you really want is great but the interview is also the point at which most people falter. The main reason for that is that we tend to take interviews for granted and don’t prepare for them enough. After all you’ve got to prep a little to stand out among the many hundred people applying and interviewing for that job. MeraJob’s Interview Now: Interview for matching jobs right now Here are five things you absolutely must do ahead of your job interview: 1. Know your CV: It’s all very well to draft a comprehensive CV but you have to be sure of everything’s that’s on your resume it’s got to be relevant and accurate and you have to be ready to answer all kinds of questions around it. Whether it is the details of a particular project you worked on your experience with past employers or your professional skills you have to be familiar with everything that’s on your CV. Having trouble creating the perfect CV Switch to the SmartProfile™ today. 2. Research the role you’re applying for: In addition to the job description you have been provided you need to know more about the role that you have applied for. Do your research on the key expectations and responsibilities attached to the role as well as on the scope of work and professional growth. 3. Know your interviewer: It always helps to know who’s going to be interviewing you. In case you have not been informed you could enquire about it at the office. Once you know this make sure to look up your interviewers on LinkedIn Twitter and other such channels. This will help you get a sense of what the areas of their interest and expertise are. This way you’ll know exactly whom you’re going to be talking to and that should help you ease into the interview. 4. Plan your trip: Planning your trip is more important than you think. Being late to an interview is nearly as bad as not showing up at all. So while there is room for unexpected traffic and unavoidable circumstances you want to at least know your way around and leave well ahead of time to avoid being late. Read more: Best interview tip Be on time 5. Practice: Practice makes perfect and there’s no exception to that rule as far job interviews are concerned. Right from your attire and body language to commonly asked interview questions and answers take the help of your colleagues and friends to get some practice. For many more interview tips read our blog. For jobs matching your skills and preferences register with MeraJob.in and interview for matching jobs right away. Read more: The Complete Job Interview Guide

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