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5 Popular Unconventional Career Options Creative writing wine tasting and game designing were some of the out-of-the-box career options that gained ground in India as thrilling offbeat jobs that earn you good money. If you have a hidden passion or talentnow is the time to find the perfect opportunity as many online job portals feature these kind of job openings. And what is there to lose when there is not much competition So let’s get started. 1 Language expert jobs Do you have a deep interest in the life language and culture of other people Learning a foreign language can help you experience these facets first-hand and also form a bridge to interact with people from a culture that fascinates you. Foreign companies like BMW Hyundai Honda and Renault have increased their presence in India giving rise to a demand for foreign language experts. Nature of job: If you have a good command over a foreign language you can apply for the job of a teacher online content writer technical translatoror interpreter in various Indian joint ventures tourism industry embassies and diplomatic service entertainment public relations or publishing. Quick tips: Japanese German and Chinese Mandarin are currently the hot languages in demand. Brush up your language and communication skills 2 Scuba Diving jobs If you are fascinated by the deep blue sea and the exotic creatures that make the sea their abode then Scuba Diving can be the ideal career choice for you. Just make sure that you are physically and mentally fit and alert as this is not a casual everyday job. Nature of job:

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Scuba divers may need to spend hours in the sea and also use sophisticated diving equipment. You can find your dream jobs with world organizations or shipping companies as a professional scuba diver. If you are a specialist in deep sea diving or underwater photographyyou can find jobs in media channels like Animal Planet Discovery or National Geographic.You can also become a scuba diving instructor or go on expeditions tagging and tracking endangered or mysterious sea creatures. Quick tips: Practice the correct breathing techniques and sharpen your basic swimming and floating skills. -------------------------- 3 Event management Jobs Event management involves organizing a focused event such as product launchwedding celebrations corporate seminarsexhibitions and more. The event should create a unique experience for the particular target audiencethat might range from young children to working professionals. So if you have good organising prowess and love conducting events a career in event management could be great for you. Nature of job: You will have to visualise a theme or concept for the event that matches perfectly with the client’s requirement and expectations. Other important facets include planning budgeting and executing the event. Quick tips: Be ready to plan and re-plan. Always have a PlanB ready. 4 Travel and photography Jobs: If you love travelling today you can make a career out of it. Just pack your bags the destinations are endless. Nature of Job:

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If you fascinated by nature and enjoy traveland photography this can be the ideal career choice for you.You will need a good DSLR camera and a functional blog to document and share your travelswith the world.This will attract the attention of travel agencies resorts and other organisations and they often pay you well to write or feature them in your blog. Quick tips: Many people are quitting their jobs to travel and publish their photographs on their blogs. But before you say goodbye to your day jobmake sure to first establish yourself as a travel blogger or photographer with an impressive blog. 5 Pet grooming jobs People are increasingly spending more and more time at work and often feel guilty that they don’t get to pamper their pets well. Pet grooming is an emerging trend and if you are a pet lover you can make a career out of it. Nature of job: A pet groomer is a person who takes professional care of petanimals using a variety of techniques. The primary job of a groomer is to clean ears clip nails bathe the animal brush the coat and examine them for health problems. Pet groomers are often in demand forstyling theanimal’s coatfor popular dog shows and events. Quick tips: Pet groomers often have tasks similar to that of aveterinarianso it is important for you to be familiar with various breeds and their temperaments. It is a beautiful thing when your career and your passion come together. Check out the new age recruitment portalMeraJob.in to find an exciting job opportunity in an unconventional job of your choice.MeraJob uses advanced filtering methods to match thejobseeker with thedream job of their choice. You can call their trained recruiters on 092-666-1-5555 for job search guidance if you are on the lookout for a unique job.

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