Priest Clothing A Holy Attire


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Priest Clothing A Holy Attire

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Clerical clothing for priests changed a lot over the time & they vary from place to place.

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There are plethora of apparels are offering by manufacturers and different online stores for this ministry of the Church or Temple.

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Priests are the divine devotees of a Temple or Church. Clerical apparel includes shirts, Altar servers, cassocks, chasubles, cuff links, and polo’s and even sweaters.

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Unlike other apparels it only has two available colors- black and white. Both colors convey significant things.

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Clerical clothing starts with, Alb- An ankle-length white linen vestment with sleeves which indeed a compliment of priest clothing .

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The Biretta- A stiff, square hat with three ridges on the top and a pompom or tassel in the center. Cappa- the Cappa or Cope is a Latin word which means "choir cape, black cape." It’s a long cape like garment worn by priest or clergy.

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