Keep your Brain Healthy by Riddles and Brain Teasers

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Keep your Brain Healthy by Riddles and Brain Teasers : 

Keep your Brain Healthy by Riddles and Brain Teasers If you want to play free scientific brain games and improve your memory power visit:

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It is a fact that your brain does age with time and because of it, you do face inefficiency while performing any task. This condition is attributed to the stagnancy in the brain, which is a result of routine lifestyle and lack of any challenging and mentally stimulating activities for your brain. Your brain is therefore, unexercised and therefore does not lose its potential, but the ability to exploit this potential to perform various tasks.

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This is where the riddles and brain teasers come into picture. These riddles and brain teasers actually tend to exercise your brain thus helping it regain its health. Yes, these simple riddles and brain teasers are actually helpful in exercising your brain as they force a person to think out of the box and therefore increase your mental fitness.

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For those who do not know, riddles are brain teasers; they are twisted questions or problems, the answers of which are not readily available. These riddles have existed since ancient times for testing and actually comparing intelligence and wit and also for entertainment. Here is an example of a riddle for you- Which animal actually keeps best time? The question is quite misleading, isn't it? Most people would probably think of different animals like fish, monkey, snakes etc.

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However, most of these animals do not keep time and you are forced to rack your brain to find the answer. This is where you are provided the much needed exercise your brain. Coming back to the question, the answer is ‘a watchdog’. Now have you understood how you are supposed to approach these riddles? Most of these riddles and brain teasers are nothing but word play.

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Different studies have proved that people who actually solve a few riddles and brain teasers tend to score better in IQ tests even in their old age, as their brain is still well exercised and healthy.

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