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The trend of using cremation urns for preserving the ashes of the deceased loved ones is fast catching up! People who find it hard to do away with the ashes or the last remains of their loved ones can use these urns to preserve the ashes. Some of the popular types of cremation urns for ashes by Memorials4u. We provide wide variety of cremation urns in different size, shapes and designs.


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Types of Cremations Urns offered by Memorials4u to save memories of your loved one:

Types of Cremations Urns offered by Memorials4u to save memories of your loved one

Biodegradable Urn :

Biodegradable Urn memorials4u.com Biodegradable urn is the best eco-friendly way to memorialize the departed soul . Memorials4u offers you the largest biodegradable urn collection. Whether you want personalized biodegradable urn for water or biodegradable wooden urn box, green sophisticated brass urn or eco-friendly heart urn, you will find everything on our online store.

Wooden Urn :

Wooden Urn memorials4u.com Beautiful wooden urns for human ashes are considered to be a warm and beautiful place for the departed soul to rest. If you want to buy wooden urns for human ashes that are both sturdy and have a discreet look, then you should definitely buy wooden box for ashes from our online store. All our handmade wood cremation urns possess a rich natural look with a fine finishing that is sure to match your preferences.

Companion Urn :

Companion Urn memorials4u.com When love is eternal and bonds are made in heaven, honor the togetherness of their love with Exquisite Companion Urns, so that even death cannot do them apart . Memorials4u Companion cremation urns , is a tribute to love and companionship beyond this lifetime. These high quality well crafted urns come in various designs and styles that honor the bond of the companions.

Infant Urn :

Infant Urn memorials4u.com If you want to keep the memories of your little one alive for years to come, then make sure to choose the right infant urns for ashes . Memorials4u not only offer supreme baby cremation urns at fair prices but also known to offer quality products at fair prices. While purchasing infant urns for little one, everyone would want it to have a sturdy body and visually appealing looks. Our infant urns for ashes will serve both your purpose.

Pet Urns:

Pet Urns memorials4u.com Pets are not just pets, they are family. Once gone, they deserve respect and a special tribute for the unconditional love they shared with you. Memorials4u elegant and high quality pet cremation products have been lovingly crafted to commemorate your beloved pet. From pet cremation urns for dogs & cats to pet cremation jewelry for birds & horses, our varied selection of products are designed to give pets the dignity they deserve.


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