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Memorials4u is one of the leading manufacturer, importers and exporters of cremation products including Cremation Jewelry and Cremation Urns. We specialize in Urns for Human Ashes, Urns for Ashes, Cremation Jewelry, Pet Urns, Pet Cremation Jewelry, Pet Cremation urns, etc. We offer wide range of high quality of funeral products at an affordable price.


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Memorials4u is one of the leading manufacturers of cremation products like Cremation Urns, Cremation Jewelry, Pet Urns, Infant Urns, Sports Cremation Urns, etc in the United states. We offer wide range of quality urns and jewelry for men, women, pet, adults and for your loved ones.

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This Keepsake Cremation Urn is a true piece of art designed to preserve the memory of your loved one.  The ashes are placed into the urn through the top which has a threaded opening.

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Our elegant & high quality pet urns have been lovingly crafted to commemorate your beloved pet . From cremation urns for dogs & cats to pet cremation jewelry for birds & horses, our varied selection of products are designed to give pets the dignity they deserve.

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Memorials4u is also manufacturing high quality Sports Cremation Urns . Our sports urns for ashes can be found in different shapes and sizes. You can browse through our collection of sports patterns that are made from high quality materials .

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Memorials4u is a one stop solution for a range of affordable wooden urns for human ashes . We are equipped with wide array of wood burial and funeral cremation urns with vibrant design.

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We design premium quality, handcrafted cremation jewelry that is a perfect way of remembering and memorializing a loved one you have lost . Our beautifully designed cremation jewelry is available online. You can browse through our collection and place an order. 

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