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Meltec Decorative Concrete provides the best quality service in the decorative concrete industry. Meltec Decorative Concrete specializes in decorative concrete solutions for residential, industrial and commercial sectors. At Meltec Decorative Concrete, we pride ourselves on exceptional service and quality in the decorative concrete industry. Meltec Decorative Concrete has been transforming concrete floors to be beautiful and timeless for over 18 years.


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Resurfacing the Concrete for a Modern Touch Resurfacing or reforming a concrete helps in giving a modern touch that not only looks great but is also versatile and very affordable. Decorative Concrete in Melbourne helps in providing aesthetic interiors with a wide range of designs and styles. Concrete Spray Paving in Melbourne has been very popular in which the contractors give a new look to the interior without changing the existing concrete. When working in the construction company the contractors explains that resurfacing is a great option when you need an aesthetically pleasing house. In this procedure the existing concrete is not harmed or destroyed and is done by overlaying on the existing one. Resurfacing is affordable and can fit in any budget. From floors to driveways it is very easy and affordable to get a completely new appearance with the help of reforming or resurfacing techniques. The Process of Resurfacing Concrete resurfacing is an addition to a decorative overlay that is applied to the existing concrete. Resurfacing of the concrete is done by applying cement or polymer modified overlays. This helps in providing a decorative and eye-catching design to remove the boring existing concrete.

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Spray on Paving Spray on paving plays a great role in transforming the existing concrete into a new one. Contractors offer various kinds of designs and colours for you to choose according to your taste and preferences. Apart from being a decorative element spray on paving makes the concrete more durable and slip resistant by applying cement based products. This is best suited for applying on swimming pools as it has non-slippery texture. Versatility Resurfacing the concrete is versatile. If you change your mind and wants to give a decorative layer or modern touch resurfacing the concrete is a great option. Applying a new layer is very easy when it comes to installing a different surface. Checking Before Surfacing Ensure that the construction is strong and secure before undergoing the resurfacing process. Concrete is available in various forms like flooring driveway outdoor area and any major crack that can cause harm to the concrete. Resurfacing the concrete will help you in saving a lot of money and time by giving it a modern and aesthetic touch. The coating applied to the concrete acts as a decorative layer for a long duration. To add a contemporary touch to the concrete look for decorative concrete solutions in Melbourne.

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