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Experience partying in the middle of the sea. Try the junk boat party in Hong Kong, you can host your own by following these tips. For more information, visit!


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How to Plan a Perfect Junk Boat Party Hong Kong Invisible kitchen

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Thinking about how to make your junk boat party a success You can plan a perfect junk boat party in Hong Kong for any occasion whether you are simply looking to have fun with family hosting a charity event or getting everyone together for your birthday. However you need to know that planning a junk boat party is a little bit tricky. From the boat company that you need to talk to to the simplest details you need to know this may take time. This is why we have this article that can be your ultimate guide to planning the perfect junk boat party in Hong Kong.

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Keeping that in mind read on for all of the information you need to know about planning a junk boat party in Hong Kong.

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Choose a Date and Time: When are you going to host your junk boat party This is the first decision you need to make. You should definitely give yourself at least a month or two. In addition to this decide on what time of the day you are going to host the party. Day junks can be better value for money as they last longer than boat parties at night.

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Find a quality boat provider company Once you have decided when you are going to host the event you then need to find the perfect boat provider. Make sure the company has a lot of experience and that they have a wide assortment of boats available. If the majority of past customers have been unhappy with the service they received you can rest assured that they will have voiced their concerns. This should set off alarm bells and you’d be wise to look elsewhere.

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Choose the Right Boat Once you have chosen a boat provider you then need to select the right boat for the occasion. Your decision will depend on the budget you have available the number of people coming and the feel you want for the party. If you want to keep it as traditional as possible a wooden boat is a must. However if you are planning on hosting more of a lavish event you may want to consider a yacht or a modern style of boat.

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Select a Pick-up Point You will need to select a pick-up point where everyone can meet and get on the boat. Most people tend to choose one of the following: Stanley Aberdeen Sai Kung or Central. Pick a destination that is going to be convenient for the vast majority of your guests – it can be impossible to please everyone.

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What Do You Need to Take With You Food Drinks Guest list Additional supplies

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Other Top Tips Make the event one to remember with extras Sort out music in advance Sit at the back of the boat if you get seasick Collect money in advance

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