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Flashback Friday:

Flashback Friday Multiplying with Exponents


Parts When a number, variable, or expression is raised to a power, the number, variable, or expression is called the base and the power is called the exponent .

What is an Exponent?:

What is an Exponent? An exponent means that you multiply the base by itself that many times. For example x 4 = x ● x ● x ● x 2 6 = 2 ● 2 ● 2 ● 2 ● 2 ● 2 = 64

The Invisible Exponent:

The Invisible Exponent When an expression does not have a visible exponent its exponent is understood to be 1.

Exponent Rule #1:

Exponent Rule #1 When multiplying two expressions with the same base you add their exponents. For example

Exponent Rule #1:

Exponent Rule #1 Now you try:

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