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North Carolina : 

North Carolina By: Melissa and Lupita

Capital City : 

Capital City Raleigh

Admission to statehood : 

Admission to statehood November 21, 1789

Bird : 

Bird Cardinal

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Border States Georgia

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North Carolina has a humid, subtropical climate. Winters are short and mild, while summers are usually very sultry; spring and fall are distinct and refreshing periods of transition. We get all four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer Climate

Constitution : 

Constitution 12th State

Economy : 

Economy Poultry and eggs, tobacco, hogs, milk, nursery stock, cattle, soybeans. Tobacco products, textile goods, chemical products, electric equipment, machinery, tourism. Agriculture Industry

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That the flag of North Carolina shall consist of a blue union, containing in the center thereof a white star with the letter N in gilt on the left and the letter C in gilt on the right of said star, the circle containing the same to be one-third the width of the union. The fly of the flag shall consist of two equally proportioned bars; the upper bar to be red, the lower bar to be white; that the length of the bars horizontally shall be equal to the perpendicular length of the union, and the total length of the flag shall be one-third more than its width. That above the star in the center of the union there shall be a gilt scroll in semi-circular form, containing in black letters this inscription "May 20th, 1775," and that below the star there shall be a similar scroll containing in black letters the inscription: "April 12th, 1776." Flag

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The Dogwood is one of the most prevalent trees in our State and can be found in all parts of the State from the mountains to the coast. Its blossoms, which appear in early spring and continue on into summer, are most often found in white, although shades of pink (red) are not uncommon. North Carolina State Flower

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The inauguration of Beverly Eaves Perdue as the 73rd Governor of North Carolina - and our state's first woman governor - follows a distinguished tenure in public service focused on creating 21st century jobs, fighting for world-class public schools, and improving the health of our people. Before entering public service, Perdue worked as a public school teacher, as director of geriatric services at a community hospital in her hometown of New Bern, and earned a Ph.D. in Education Administration. Prior to her election as Governor, Perdue established herself as one of the most active and accomplished Lieutenant Governors in North Carolina history. Governor Of North Carolina: Bev Perdue

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Highest Point 6,684 feet Mount Mitchell

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State Motto Esse quam videri To be rather than to seem

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State Nickname Old North State Tar Heel State

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The Old North State Written by William GastonComposed by Mrs. E. E. Randolph Carolina! Carolina! Heaven's blessings attend her!While we live we will cherish, protect and defend her;Tho' the scorner may sneer at and witlings defame her,Still our hearts swell with gladness whenever we name her. Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State forever!Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State! Tho' she envies not others, their merited glory,Say whose name stands the foremost, in Liberty's story,Tho' too true to herself e'er to crouch to oppression,Who can yield to just rule a more loyal submission? Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State forever!Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State! Plain and artless her sons, but whose doors open fasterAt the knock of a stranger, or the tale of disaster.How like the rudeness of the dear native mountains,With rich ore in their bosoms and life in their fountains. Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State forever!Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State! And her daughters, the Queen or the forest resemblingSo graceful, so constant, yet the gentlest breath trembling.And true lightwood at heart, let the match be applied them,How they kindle and flame! Oh! none know but who've tried them. Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State forever!Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State! Then let all those who love us, love the land that we live in,As happy a region as on this side of heaven, Where plenty and peace, love and joy smile before us, Raise aloud, raise together the heart thrilling chorus. Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State forever!Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State! North Carolina State Song Official Song of the State of North Carolina

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Venus Flytrap State Symbols Freshwater Trout, Southern Appalachian Brook Trout Wildflower, Carolina Lily Vegetable, Sweet Potato

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The End

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