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Earn your Mediation or Paralegal-legal Assistant Certificate with action-packed correspondence courses. We offer training programs.


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How do I sign up to get involved in divorce mediation? It seems like a very competitive business, especially with so many people getting divorced these days. Should I find a website like ?

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Slide 2: ACCRI offers training for ■ Business Mediation ■ Family Mediation ■ Divorce Mediation ■ Paralegal Studies ■ Legal Assistant Studies

Slide 3: How We Are Different… These courses are designed so that almost anybody can follow to begin a career as a Professional Certified Mediator and/or Paralegal. Once you have completed the course you will have the designation of Professional Business and Family Mediator and/or Paralegal. You simply follow the step-by-step self-paced course materials for the next 6-9 months and we are sure you’ll turbo charge your career opportunities.  6 to 12 months from today - your friends won't be laughing at your 'silly ideas about making a living as a Professional Mediator and/or Paralegal The best part is you can start right now!

Slide 4: How We Are Different… Our courses have comprehensive lesson plans. You simply open the Student Manual and it walks you through from Day 1 to the end to a career in the chosen profession. One of the biggest problems most people have with other training courses is that they tell you “what” to do, but they don’t show you exactly how to do it and make sure it gets done! After explaining each lesson’s activity in full detail you’ll get a practical homework assignment which is graded and feedback is provided by your instructor to you to make sure you stay on track. Monthly newsletter loaded full of articles, jobs and networking opportunities.

Slide 5: How We Are Different… ■ We have made the costs affordable for all. ■ Easy monthly payment plans ■ Zero percent interest ■ Instructor assigned to each student for personal attention ■ Friendly support staff available M-F, 9AM to 5PM EST

Slide 6: Testimonials "Regardless of your occupation, mediation applies!" Mark DeJean, Sheltered Workshop Specialist "The seminars will be the start of a great enhancement to my career." Joanne Ballard Robinson,M.S.S.A., L.S.W. "The class was very motivating and the material was excellent." Carol Bunn, Paralegal "I enjoyed the way the material was taught—hands-on." Janice M. Boyd, Teacher "Great inside information!" Lisa Goddard, Esquire

Slide 7: Contact Us Mailing Address American Center for Conflict Resolution Institute 5247 Wilson Mills Road, #442 Richmond Heights, Ohio 44143 Telephone - 1.800.517.0857

Slide 8: Thank you

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