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We are a full service professional medical billing, coding and electronic medical records (EMR) company servicing those who support life for the past 9 years. Contact us now at (888) 335-2455 Visit Us At : http://www.mdbillingservice.net


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We are a full service professional medical billing, coding and electronic medical records (EMR) company servicing those who support life for the past 9 years.

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www.mdbillingservice.net About Us :- We are not a typical billing company that you may be used to. Our unique and unmatched billing and EMR system is leading the way in how medical billing and practice management should be done. Our staff consists of physicians, RNs, accountants, certified professional coders, and certified IT technicians. All employees that are hired are tested and must have at least 8 years of medical billing experience in a wide range of specialties.

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www.mdbillingservice.net Unique Selling Points :- We are crystal Clear to our clients because they are logged into our system in real time and see all aspects of their billing account. All patient balances are displayed at the front desk on every patient visit. Collections at the front desk is guaranteed to increase by 50%. The front desk is able to print a customized super bill with all patient balances and last payment received so that the provider is not left out of the loop.

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www.mdbillingservice.net Unique Selling Points :- All patient insurance eligibility is done with a click of a mouse (no more calling on the phone and being left on hold)! In most cases our system does the eligibility automatically the day before! We send out all statements to patients with our 800 number on them and we receive all inquiries they may have concerning their statements they receive in the mail. We want our clients to concentrate on their business of providing health care to their patients, not answering phone calls concerning balances due! That’s our job!

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www.mdbillingservice.net Unique Selling Points :- We are 100% Paperless and all clients receive all records every month on DVD. No more storing papers. We offer EMR services at a minimal fee! No buying expensive software, No buying servers, no hiring expensive IT companies to keep your servers healthy and no worrying about “is your data backed up”! We keep all data backed up in 4 AHCA and HIPAA certified servers in 4 different locations (Miami, Palm Beach, Raleigh & Charlotte). Our EMR software is Top Notch and very easy to use!

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www.mdbillingservice.net Unique Selling Points :- We physically implement EMR services in the Providers office so that there is very minimal impact on operations in the office. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to every client! Our clients never get an answering service or an answering machine. Clients are able to call the Directors of the company directly to their mobile phones at any time night or day. Every client is family to us and we are here for any questions or concerns they may have, just as if you needed to call a true family member!

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www.mdbillingservice.net WE Actually DO FOLLOW UPS! All clients are able to log into their accounts and pull reports on all follow up that is done as well as all aging reports. Every time a patient calls the billing office because they have received a statement or was informed at the front desk that they have a balance, it is logged into patient notes and date and time stamped. All clients have access to this information and much more! With our services and technology, it as if we are doing all billing and EMR services IN HOUSE at a fraction of the cost! Unique Selling Points :-

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www.mdbillingservice.net Contact Us :- Address : Charlotte, North Carolina, 28212 (Main Office). Toll free : (888) 335-2455 Telephone : (704) 535-2710 FAX : (704) 535-2720 E-mail : info@mdbillingservice.net

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www.mdbillingservice.net Thank You

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