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It has a wide array of stickers any business can custom design, including bumper stickers Australia, aluminum stickers, paper stickers, metallic foil stickers, one way vision stickers, plus many more.It’s your number one location for custom sticker printing. More details just visit our website : Or call us at : (03) 9793 6260


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The Power of Stickers When Amanda Thompson received detestable mailings about same-sex marriage she did something about. And she used stickers to do it. Ms. Thompson created a“ No Anti-Equality Mail.” The sticker is to be placed on a letterbox. Laws that commonly regulate offensive materials don’t apply to political materials and "no junk mail" signs won’t work either. Those who place the stickers on their mailboxes are explicitly showing their support for marriage equality mail.

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At first Ms. Thompson placed the stickers in Thornbury mailboxes while taking her dog for a walk. The response was so positive she set up a Go Fund Me page hoping to raise just 1500. In nine days she raised over 2500. Her goal now is to raise enough funds to make 6000 stickers. Once the funding goal is reached these stickers will be available free. She has received sticker requests from all over Australia requesting stickers. Ms. Thompson is in a committed relationship and wants to be married. Melbourne Stickers

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Melbourne Stickers helps businesses advertise through custom sticker printing. It has a wide array of stickers any business can custom design including bumper stickers Australia aluminum stickers paper stickers metallic foil stickers one way vision stickers plus many more. It’s your number one location for custom sticker printing. Melbourne Stickers offers the same kind of stickers Ms. Thompson created. She most probably used Premium Vinyl Stickers or hopefully something very much like them. Such stickers can be cut to any shape are digitally printed with UV Rated inks can be used inside or outside are waterproof and can last up to five years. Premium Vinyl Stickers would work perfectly on a letterbox. Melbourne Stickers could also offer her other stickers that would also work for her project.

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Melbourne Stickers is your one-stop- shop for sticker printing Australia. Call or visit Melbourne Stickers in Dandenong Victoria today.

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