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Melbourne Stickers helps businesses advertise through custom sticker printing. It has a wide array of stickers any business can custom design, including bumper stickers Australia, aluminum stickers, paper stickers, Metallic stickers, one way vision stickers, plus many more. It’s your number one location for Custom car stickers Australia. More details just visit our website : Or call us at : (03) 9793 6260


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For the past thirty years SXSW South by Southwest holds a conference celebrating the interactive union of the music and film industries in Texas. Numerous musicians directors celebrities products and directors got their start at the conference. Grumpy Cat Twitter and Hanson’s MMMbop were all launched at an SXSW Conference.

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The conference is usually very crowded both with vendors and attendees and those touting brands are always searching for fresh ways to generate impact. Establishing a presence even when one is not there is always good. So how does one do that This year Viber went big in Texas without actually even being there. It did it with Stickers.

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At the 2016 conference Viber who makes virtual stickers and emoticons made actual stickers of their Mashable Collection. The collection is a series of colorful tech-related words and expressions such as LOL TBH Whoa SRSLY Can’t Even and OMG just to name a few.

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On the first day of SXSW conference Viber released the Mashable Collection and distributed thousands of stickers at the conference as well as in cities around the world including Los Angeles New York London Singapore and Sydney. Viber next encouraged people to photograph the stickers and post them on social media so that they could be featured in a story on

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One week later the Mashable Sticker campaign gained 256563 new followers. Melbourne Stickers Melbourne Stickers specializes in providing ways for people and businesses to brand and advertise through Custom sticker printing.

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The decals and stickers are printed on UV resistant gloss or matt white polymeric calendared sticker vinyl both of which adhere seamlessly to most surfaces especially cars and professional vehicles such as vans and trucks. They last between five to seven years are waterproof and tailored for demanding exteriors. In just a week Viber managed to get over a quarter of a millions likes for using just stickers. That’s amazing. Just imagine what they could do for you. Melbourne Stickers offers a wide selection of stickers from which to choose including:

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Clear Vinyl Stickers Premium Vinyl stickers Budget Vinyl Stickers Bumper Stickers Australia Vinyl Bumper Stickers Clear Vinyl Stickers With White Ink Static Cling Stickers with Optional White Ink Repositional Stickers Paper Stickers Computer Cut Vinyl Stickers / Decals Aluminum Stickers Metallic stickers Lube Automotive Service Stickers Wine Stickers Domed Stickers One Way Vision Stickers 3D Car Badge Stickers Hologram Stickers …and more

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Melbourne Stickers is your one-stop-shop for sticker printing Australia. Call or visit Melbourne Stickers in Dandenong Victoria Australia or visit its website for more information and/or a free quote.

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ADDRESS 12 Webster Street Dandenong Victoria Australia Ph: 03 9793 6260 Fax: 03 9793 6270 Email: WEBSITE :

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