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National Assessment of Educational Progress:

National Assessment of Educational Progress Test Evaluation by Mel Hook


WHY NAEP? National Level State Level Compares state to state achievement growth Looks at the discrepancies between subgroups across the nation Identifies trends in achievement between subjects Shows trends in reading in math over a span of time Compare assessments of knowledge and skills with other states Compares local assessment results with national results


Validity Test Content Purpose for Testing Administration Consequences

Validity-Test Content:

Validity-Test Content Framework Pilot Testing Bias

Validity-Test Content:

Validity-Test Content Alignment Cognitive Requirements Writing-Too Many Constructed Responses? Is this actually testing reading? What implications does this have on LEP and EC students? Higher level processes involved in constructed responses Coaching? Teaching to the Test?


Validity Purpose for Testing To compare state to state achievement of schools To compare progress of subgroups To compare subject to subject achievement over time

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