Linear Equations

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Linear Equations :

Linear Equations Melanie Trevino


Objective: Students will learn how to solve linear equations, and check their answer by reinserting the answer into the variable . Goal: Students are able to solve linear equations using algebra and rechecking work .


What is a Linear Equation? A linear equation is an  equation  for a straight line.


Step-by-step how to solve a linear equation by KhanAcademy .


Click the speaker to hear about how to check your answers.


How can we figure out when the line will hit the x-axis? -If your answer is x=4, then the line will hit the x-axis at (4,0). The line will be vertical with no slope.


Without a graph, can we know if the line will be on the left side of the graph or the right? -Yes. -If the answer to the linear equation is positive the line will be on the right side. -If the answer to the linear equation is negative the line will be on the left side.


Activity: Students will be given a riddle. The answer to the riddle will be written in numbers. To solve the riddle students will have to solve linear equations and use the answer for the variable in each to problem to match to the riddle.


The answers to these equations will help you solve the riddle. 10s+5=55 2e+2=18 2b+3=17 5l+3=13 3+4a=7 5c+5=50 3p+4=13 8o+3=35


A vertical line does not have this. _ _ _ _ _ 5 2 4 3 8

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