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Web 2.0 Resources :

Web 2.0 Resources Technology Integrated Curriculum

Storybird – Great Resource for Application:

Storybird – Great Resource for Application

Slide 3:

Storybird *Write in the target language *Utilize pictures *Make connections *Create a product

Glogster – Excellent Application:

Glogster – Excellent Application

Slide 5:

Glogster *Pictures *Written *Application *Videos *Interactive *Student Product

Animoto – Another Application Resource:

Animoto – Another Application Resource

Slide 7:

Animoto *A step up from Powerpoint *Use of music *Student product

Voicethread – Application, Interpretation, …more…?:

Voicethread – Application, Interpretation, …more…?

Slide 9:

Voicethread *Collaborative *Responses *Audio Capabilities *Written Capabilities *Interactive *Endless Possibilities

Wikispaces – What can’t you do?:

Wikispaces – What can’t you do?

Slide 11:

Wikispaces *Interactive *Written Responses *Links *Discussions *Homework? *Messages *Videos *Collaborative *Storage Space

So, what’s the problem?:

So, what’s the problem?

Mostly, lack of available technology:

Mostly, lack of available technology

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