The tragedy of birlstone

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this is a short explanatory presentation on the tragedy of birlstone, a chapter from the novel The Sherlock Holmes 4th edition


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The Tragedy Of Birlstone:

The Tragedy Of Birlstone The Tragedy of Birlstone is a chapter in the novel – ”The valley of fear” written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It was the fourth and final novel of the Sherlock Holmes series.

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The village of Birlstone is a small and very ancient cluster of half-timbered cottages on the northern border of the county of Sussex. For centuries it had remained unchanged; but within the last few years its picturesque appearance and situation have attracted a number of well-to-do residents, whose villas peep out from the woods around .

The important Conversation:

The important Conversation There was a conversation between Dr. Wood, the police and Cecil Barker. That important conversation gave the whole information about the case.

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In that conversation, Dr. Wood and the sergeant asked everything from Barker and the servant i.e. the Butler. They told that may be the murderer has came in from the window pane. There were many clues like Douglas was not wearing his ring in the right finger and the red-blood footprints.

The Culprit:

The Culprit According to the clues available to Dr. Wood, at the end of the story, he indirectly concluded that Cecil Barker was the murderer of John Douglas as he was the only man who was present there with Douglas at the time of murder. H e was not that much familiar with the Douglas family but then too he involved himself in the case and showed that he cared for Douglas and he hasn’t killed him.

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