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Solar Energy :

Solar Energy By: Siraj , Prannoy, Hisham , and Syed Mohammed


VIDEO TIME To start off we will give you a brief idea on what Solar Energy is, it’s application and different methods for using this energy.

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So by now you must have seen that all energy on energy on this planet are originally solar energy. (Except two of them) About 40% of the solar energy is reflected by the atmosphere and then some is absorbed by gases leaving only ~47% of energy left for earth.

Solar Energy:

Solar Energy Points to be noted: That Solar Energy is available everywhere. It is available in plenty and it’s free It cause no pollution It cannot be used at night Devices based on solar energy are not as efficient when it is cloudy day. The resource is still not completely developed. It produces DC Current.

Solar Heating Devices:

Solar Heating Devices Increasing the absorption of heat. For the maximum absorption of light only Black or any dark color should be used. A hot object losses it’s heat quickly when the surroundings are comparatively cooler. It should be airtight. A reflector such as a plain mirror should be used so more energy can be collected. With these measures the temperatures reach around 100 – 140 degree celsius

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Advantages : Solar Cookers are inexpensive to own and operate Many food vessels can be put to keep in the cooked simultaneously. They reduce LPG consumption and do not produce any smoke

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Disadvantages: Can only be used in day time. Can be operated in regions with warm climate. The cooking time increases rapidly. They cannot be used for frying.

Solar Energy:

Solar Energy A device which converts solar energy directly into electricity is called a solar cell or a photovoltaic cell. Many Solar Cells join together to form a solar panel.

Uses of Solar Panel:

Uses of Solar Panel They can be used in areas where energy is not readily available That is why they are used in Satellites. Experimental cars have also been designed. Street lights, traffic lights, poll booth now have started to use solar panels.

Advantages of Solar Cells:

Advantages of Solar Cells Solar Cells are suitable for use in remote areas where electrical power lines have not yet reached Require very less maintains and last longer. After installation, no further cost is involved in generating electricity from solar cells. They are very environment friendly.


VIDEO TIME Manufacturing of Solar Panels

Disadvantages of Solar Cells:

Disadvantages of Solar Cells Solar Panels are very expensive. The cost of silver is also high. Inverters are needed to convert DC current into AC. Large number of solar panels are required to meet a required amount of current. The work only during the daytime.

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